Procedure to Apply for Canadian Immigration by Express Entry

Proof of Funds for Skilled Immigration

Brief Background of Canada

Canada is an independent country, the name of Canada has been in use since the founding of the French colony of Canada in the 16th century.

The word Canada was derived from “Kanata” which means “Settlement“, “Village“, or “Land“. Canada is a well-developed country where most of the people go for having a quality standard of life and earning a healthy amount for their better survival, hence, the easiest and reliable way to apply for Canadian permanent residency is an “Express Entry System” which is online system and less time-consuming.

Know Canada’s Express Entry System?

Express Entry is a selection system for Canadian immigration used by the Canadian government. Canadian Immigration

  • This system is used to manage applications for skilled and qualified workers.
  • Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the federal government and provincial governments. Canadian Immigration
  • The individuals and families whoever wish to live, work and study in Canada can apply accordingly and become new permanent residents in the country in just a few months. Canadian Immigration
  • It is used for permanent Canadian residency. Recommended: Federal Skilled Worker Eligibility Through Express Entry System

Express Entry Eligibility

  • The Express Entry system provides a supply of candidates who may be eligible to immigrate permanently. Canadian Immigration
  • Candidates get a certain specific number of points based on the information mentioned in their profiles, including their skills, background, and experience.
  • She/he must apply under the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) Category and obtain a minimum of 67 points under the same. Read more: 17 Ways Canadian Employers Become Non-Compliant

Canadian Visa Categories

  • Student Visas.
  • Business/ Investor Immigration.
  • Express Entry (for Permanent Residency).


  • Federal Skilled Worker Class.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class.
  • Canadian Experience Class.

Required Documents

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Language test results (Canadian English Language).
  3. Educational assessment (Educational Degree/ Diploma).
  4. Job offer (If an applicant received a job offer, he/ she should mention this information Express Entry profile).
  5. Police clearance.
  6. Medical exam.
  7. Proof of funds (He/She is able to settle in Canada).

Procedure to Apply for Express Entry

   1). Check Score at Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Tool

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a system that gives points to an applicant, it is an online tool. To check the scoring Click Here.

   2). Applicant Should Create an Express Entry Profile

After submitting the required documents an applicant may now proceed to create an Express Entry account. Recommended: Proof of Funds for Skilled Immigration (Express Entry)

60 days limit is to complete and submit their Express Entry profile Otherwise, they’ll be required to start all over again.

   3). Wait for Invitations

Further, the express system will place your profile in a pool with other candidates and rounds of invitations will start with appointments.

   4). Apply as a Permanent Resident

Once a candidate has received an invitation letter to apply as a permanent resident in Canada, a letter will be provided with the information of which program the applicant will be invited to or what to do next etc. Recommended: Requirements to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada


  • Applying to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry is a simple and straightforward online process.
  • No immigration consultants are needed.
  • Candidates are advised to check the validity period of the police clearances and medical test reports.
  • All the required documents should be valid by the time an invitation for Canadian permanent residence has been issued. If they expire before the invitation to apply as a permanent resident, the applicant will have to start the process all over again. Recommended: 9 Facts You Need to Know About Canadian Life

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Source: Government of Canada

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