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Procedure to apply for Saudi Iqama after being lost or stolen

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Living in any country requires a residential permit that makes you legal to stay in that country. Every state has its national identity cards and different permits for the students, employers, and their families residing in any country. Saudi Arabia also has a residential permit or Iqama for Saudi expats living in the kingdom.

Recently, the issue of increasing the Saudi Iqama fee caused turbulence among the Saudi expats living there, with the majority of them leaving the kingdom because of high fees. Recently, a new order of restricting the Saudi Iqama fee to 300/- as per the 2019 rule has been passed to see the economic growth.

We have discussed these developments in our different articles, but for those who are still living in the country, but there Saudi Iqama’s or residence permit is lost or stolen. In a state of rules and strictness, it is essential to extract alternatives before it’s too late to make necessary amendments.

To help these confused Saudi expats searching for answers in the case, they have lost their Saudi Iqama, or their residence permit is stolen we are here with different guidelines you need to follow. So scroll down and give a read to what you are the possibilities you can opt for in case of emergency.

The 9 steps to follow as a guideline to extract alternatives

If a Saudi expat living in the kingdom has lost his residential permit or Saudi Iqama, then to answer his query of which department he has to move and what next he has to perform, The Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) made an official statement on Twitter. According to the News website, you have to pay the replacement fee of a 1,000 riyals along with different legal proceedings. Read more: Procedure to check online status of Huroob on Saudi Iqama

What are the steps to be taken to avoid any mess?

According to the Saudi Jawazat following nine (9) steps should be taken by the Saudi expats if they lose their Saudi Iqama or any mishap steals it. They are,

  1. Saudi expat has to file a missing report in any branch of the Saudi Jawazat office or police.
  2. The Saudi expat has to get a letter from his sponsor/ employer, explaining where and how Saudi Iqama lost.
  3. The Saudi expat’s original passport should be submitted.
  4. If there is a copy of Saudi Iqama, it should be submitted as well.
  5. Fill out the form obtained from the Saudi Jawazat office or website.
  6. The admission form must be filled out.
  7. In case the term of admission is one year or less, a fee of 500 riyals will have to be paid.
  8. Saudi expat has to attach two fresh pictures.
  9. A fine of SR.1,000 is to be paid for missing the Saudi Iqama.

Why is there an additional SR.1,000 fine on Saudi expats?

It is essential to inform the concerned institution within 24 hours if the Saudi Iqama is missing. If a person delays reporting, then he will find SR.1,000 to SR.3,000.

So it is essential to understand the significance of Saudi Iqama and in case if it is lost. Report as soon as possible and take precautionary measures. Most of the people are unaware of what is the procedure that results in a delay in reporting, which cause the Saudi expats to pay an extra amount in the form of a fine. So spread the blog in your circle so everyone can be aware of the procedures he/she should follow. Read more: Saudi expats will face fine and deportation in case of failure to renew Saudi Iqama



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