Saudi Visa

Procedure to Apply for Saudi Work Visa

Saudi Work Visa

We have written a detailed article recently for our readers who were desperate to know the nature, requirements and the procedure of applying for the Saudi Commercial Visit Visa. We really appreciate and acknowledge the commendable feedback received especially from our frequent readers.

After reading the commercial visit visa article, our readers have requested us to explain in detail, the procedure to apply for Saudi Arabia Work Visa, therefore, we hereby explain in details, the nature, requirements and the procedure for applying for the Saudi Arabia Work Visa. Recommended: Saudi Arabia Announces to Extend the Work Visa for Saudi Expats for 2 Years

1. What is the Saudi Arabia Work Visa?

Saudi Work visa, commonly known as Iqama is related to a Saudi expat who has been recruited or employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This work visa is in fact, issued to the individual to work and live in Saudi Arabia. Such an individual is normally termed as Saudi expat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Grace period for Saudi Iqama renewal

Which Documents to be submitted in the Saudi Embassy/ Consulate?

The following documents must be presented in the Saudi Embassy/ Consulate in the applicant’s home country or to the Saudi authorities by the sponsor in order to issue a visa number. 

  1. The employment contract.
  2. Academic documents.
  3. Results of a medical test.
Benefits of Saudi Arabia Work Visa
  • Rent a house.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Attain a Saudi driver’s license.

2. Visa requirements

All travellers to Saudi Arabia must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. They must have a valid passport with at least 6 months expiry date,
  2. Two facing pages and the appropriate visa.
  3. Applicants with travel documents should not have any restrictions or conditions which prevents them from travelling. Read more: List of Heavy Fines on Saudi Employer Up to SR 25,000

Exceptions to the visa requirements are those who are GCC nationals, passengers transiting in the Kingdom with valid onward or return documentation within 18 hours with no further stops in Saudi (certain nationalities are not eligible) and those with landing and re-entry permits issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more: SR.1 Million Fine and 15-Years Jail For Threatening Employees At Workplace in Saudi Arabia

3. Visa Checklist

 The applicant needs the following documents which are required for the Visa application:

  • Letter of Invitation (LOI) from sponsoring company (can be provided by Proven) and certified by the Chamber of Commerce or a copy of pre-approval for commercial visit visa issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia (refer to the Saudi mission as per the point of arrival)
  • Original and copy of the passport.
  • Copy of ID card or renewal form (if not based in the home country).
  • Two photographs with white background
  • Supporting letter from employer addressed to Saudi Consulate stating the reason of visit and duration required (NOC letter).
  • Only a machine-readable passport is accepted.

4. Visa Compliance

The Visa Compliance is an important and significant part of working in Saudi Arabia on Work Visa and it is quite necessary to make sure that you are abiding by the rules and regulations for your visa while arriving in the Kingdom. Read: Procedure for the Cancellation of Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

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