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Procedure to Apply for Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Brief Overview of Scholarships

The scholarship is a specific amount of fee which is given to the student as a reward for getting good grades and it’s a kind of financial aid for a student to assist their education who are unable financially to pursue their careers. Scholarships are given in accordance with the Rules and Regulations that are set by the Board of Directors of the Education system. Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Scholarships are granted based upon criteria, which usually reflect the values and grades of a student.

Scholarships in Saudi Arabia

The Government of KSA offers scholarships every year to excellent students from various countries of the world, this shows the growing attention and support given by the kingdom to the dissemination of knowledge and scientific research

Saudi Universities are renowned for their scientific excellence and even some Saudi Universities are ranked among the top universities in the world in terms of research centers. Read: GOSI Benefits for Expatriate Workers in Saudi Arabia

Requirements for Applying Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Scholarship requirements are similar to admission requirements.

  • Undergraduate level: Candidate’s age must neither be less than 17 years nor more than 25 years.
  • Doctoral level: 35 years
  • Master’s level: 30 years
  • Non-Saudi candidates must obtain approval of qualified authorities in their countries
  • The candidate must have not been granted a scholarship by another educational institution in Saudi Arabia.
  • Permission letter from their country to travel for study
  • Students Certificates must be attested by the educational institution.
  • Candidate must have not been expelled from an educational institution.

Benefits of Getting Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

  • Health care / Medical aid
  • Accommodation / Hostel
  • Annual travel tickets / Airfare
  • Financial wages when you come to study
  • Scientific, cultural, social and media programs.
  • Support from academic staff to obtain appropriate academic guidance and counseling.

In short all benefits same as enjoyed by Saudi students at the same institution.

You can study any discipline offered by the university you choose except medicine and health-related disciplines.

List of Saudi Arabia Universities and Scholarships for international students in 2019-2020

S.No. University Name Website Scholarship Page
1 Al-Jouf University University Scholarship page
2 Al-Baha University
3 Al-Majma’ah University University Scholarship page
4 Hail University
5 Imam Muhammad bin Sa’ud Islamic University University Scholarship page
6 Islamic University University Scholarship page
7 Jazan University University Scholarship page
8 King Abdul-Aziz University University Scholarship page
9 King Sa’ud University University Scholarship page
10 King Faisal University
11 King Khalid University University Scholarship page
12 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals University Scholarship page
13 Najran University University Scholarship page
14 Northern Border University University Scholarship page
15 Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University
16 Prince Satam Bin Abdulaziz University
17 Qassim University University Scholarship page
18 Taibah University
19 Taif University
20 Umm Al-Qura University University Scholarship page
21 University of Tabuk University Scholarship page
22 Shaqraa University University Scholarship page

Types of Scholarships for Saudi Expat Students

The Government of Saudi Arabia offers two types of Scholarships for Saudi expat students to get Higher Education in Saudi Arabian Universities, as follows:

  1. Internal Scholarships: Those Saudi expat students who are legally residing in KSA. (Visit the website: Ministry of Education).
  2. Overseas Scholarships: To Non-Saudis from outside KSA.

Three types of Scholarships for Saudi expat Students to Join Saudi Universities based on grades

  1. Full Scholarships: Students enjoy all the benefits (As mentioned above).
  2. Partial Scholarships: Students enjoy some benefits in it, as a seat or accommodation  (As mentioned above).
  3. Paid Scholarships: are paid by Donors, who are not a part of universities pay for these scholarships.

Procedure to Apply for Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

  • Go to the specific university website.
  • Register at the university and get PSU ID number.
  • Fill the scholarship request form.
  • Pay the semester tuition and bring the scholarship receipt to the office to receive scholarship approval.
  1. Fee description :40 percent payment which is approximately SR. 21,000.
  2. 60 percent payment which is approximately SR. 14,000.

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Source: Ministry of Education

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