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Procedure to Apply for Umrah Visa From Canada for 2020

Procedure to Apply Umrah Visa from Canada

Applying for Umrah Visa from Canada to Saudi Arabia

If you are living in Canada and planning to perform Umrah pilgrimage,you need to get an Umrah visa from the Saudi embassy which is in Ottawa (The Capital city of Canada), it is a legal document valid for approximately 15 days to 28 days and allows you to enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of worship. Read more: Saudi King Salman & Crown Prince (MBS) Issue Orders to Cancel Second time Umrah Visa Fee

New Procedure & Conditions on Umrah Pilgrims for Application of Umrah Visa from Canada

1). New Umrah Visa fee 

Before the Umrah visa that was used to be paid to the Umrah travel agency amounted to SR.200/-, however, during the current year the new Umrah visa fee will be SR.500/- per Umrah application.

2). Now Umrah Pilgrims will travel in the Group of 20 members

Before it was possible for Umrah pilgrims to travel alone, with their family and friends, however, due to introduction of new procedure and approved law, the Umrah Pilgrims will no more be able to travel alone and now according to the new law they should be a group of at least 20 Umrah pilgrims and should not exceed 45 Umrah pilgrims at any particular point of time, in order to get the Umrah visa.

3). No more Own booking of Hotels by Umrah Pilgrims

Before the Umrah Pilgrims were able to manage their own booking, while applying the Umrah visa from Canada they used to get the similar hotel packages deal in Saudi Arabia and upon reaching Saudi Arabia they used find another cheap hotel bookings.

Now according to the new E-Umrah visa policy, the Umrah Pilgrims are no more allowed to manage their own hotel bookings of their own choice, rather they are being required according to the new law Umrah procedure to select the hotel uploaded and available in the E-Umrah portal.

The complete list of the hotels along with their prices have been uploaded on the portal and the Umrah pilgrims are now required to choose their hotel bookings from this list.

4). New Fees to be paid on account of Transportation expenses

According to the new law approved by the Saudi Cabinet, No Umrah pilgrims can travel from Jeddah to Makkah and Makkah to Madinah without the group members. Before the Umrah pilgrims used to travel in the local transport and in any other privately hired Taxi other.

Now, the group of at least 20 members traveling between Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah applying for the Umrah visa have to share the traveling cost. If the group members are less than 20, the remaining numbers of Umrah pilgrims have to bear the cost of remaining members making it 20.

The traveling cost from Jeddah to Makkah and Makkah to Mahinah is added into the Umrah visa fees.

5). Other Requirements & Conditions applicable on Umrah Pilgrims from Canada

  • Stamped and signed Umrah visa application.
  • Applicants, Less than 18 years must have permission letter, stamped by Global Affairs Canada.
  • The passport validity for six (6) months.
  • 2 passport size photographs with white background only.
  • Confirmed Return flight ticket. Read more: Procedure for Applying and Issuance of New E-Umrah Visa
  • Vaccination report against meningitis by certified doctors. (Tip: If you live in the GTA, for instance, there is a travel clinic in Markham or Brampton that provides this vaccine and accompanying documentation or any other clinic you know is good)
  • A woman traveling alone must be 45 years old.
  • Non-Islamic must possess a Shadah certificate from the Islamic Center to prove their conversion to Islam.
  • Online accommodation reservation.
  • Mahram must be at least 18 years of age. Read more: Umrah, Hajj and Saudi Visit Visa Fee to be Fixed at SR.300 each

Apply Online for Umrah Visa from Canada

  1. Apply online for Umrah visa through Falcon travels website.
  2. Passport along with your airline ticket.
  3. The process takes two to three business days.
  4. After getting approved by the Ministry.
  5. They provide something called the MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) number, the agent will take this number and apply for a visa number through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain E-number (visa number). Read more: Procedure to check Umrah Visa status online

Apply Directly to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa

This step requires having your required documents on hand.

  1. Fill out the Umrah visa application form. [Download Visa Application Form]
  2. Write down all of your personal details on it like names, age, address, etc.
  3. Authorization letter from Mehram.
  4. Women over 45 years of age can travel with an organized group without her husband/father.
  5. Visit your doctor to get a “MENINGITIS” vaccination for adults and for under 15 age children to get a vaccination against Polio as well. Read more: List of Violations by Hajj & Umrah Pilgrims for 2019

Essential Traveling Documents

  1. Contact a licensed Umrah travel agent who can help you to get Umrah visa as they used to have an agreement with the Saudi government.
  2. Canadian residents can contact (e.g.Falcon Travels) travel agency to travel to KSA. Read more: Kingdom Grants Umrah Pilgrims to Visit Any City
  3. To go for Umrah you need to have a passport and you may need to renew your passport to ensure that it will be valid for 6 months at least, from the travel date.
  4. A passport size photo with white background attach it with a form
  5. Before you apply for your Umrah visa, you need to purchase a non-refundable Return Air ticket.
  6. The agents’ processing and courier fees range between $80 CAD to $250 CAD dependent on the travel agent. Read more: 16 Places where Dua is accepted during Umrah and Hajj

Points to Remember

  • Umrah visas are valid for 2 weeks to 1 Month maximum.
  • Remember that umrah visas are not valid for work or residence.
  • Each applicant for an Umrah visa must apply through a licensed Canadian travel agency. Read more: 9 Facts You Need to Know About Canadian Life
  • Processing time takes 14 days minimum but better to apply before a month to get a visa on time. 
  • Canadian travel agencies also provide visa called Super Umrah visa, which allows you to travel for pilgrimage in Makkah and visiting Islamic holy sites in the Al-Hejaz area and additionally permitting a visit to any city in Saudi Arabia for any of family, friend, touristic or business purposes within the validity of the visa.

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Source: Saudi Embassy

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