Why Hajj is important for Muslims?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, every Muslim is required to perform it once in a life who has a sufficient resource to perform it.

In 2015, Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launched an online procedure to apply for local Hajj for Saudi expats and Saudi citizens.

Who are Eligible for Hajj from Saudi Arabia?

Those Saudi expats and Saudi citizens who want to apply for local Hajj online, first of all, they should check if they are eligible to apply for Hajj this year. Recommended: Local Hajj packages for Saudi citizens and Saudi expats announcements by the Ministry of Hajj

As per rules, you can perform hajj once every 5 years.  So, check if you are eligible to perform Hajj this year through this link “Check Eligibility for Hajj through MOI”. Additionally, the followings pass the eligibility criteria to fill an online local Hajj application to perform the Hajj.

  1. Saudi citizens.
  2. Saudi expats who hold valid Iqama.

Who are not Eligible for Hajj from Saudi Arabia?

The followings do not qualify the eligibility criteria to fill an online local Hajj application to perform the Hajj.

  1. The visitors who come on Family visit visa.
  2. The visitors who come on Commercial visit visa.
  3. The visitors who come on Business visit visa.

How a Saudi Expat or Saudi Citizen Could Apply for Hajj?

The Online local Hajj booking can be applied through the following Hajj portal (Click here) for the locals (i.e. Saudi expats and Saudi Citizens). Read more: Launching of Hajj portal to view local hajj 2019 packages

When online Local Hajj booking portal will start?

Online booking for Saudi expats and Saudi citizens is expected to open for registration of local Hajj from Thursday 1st Dhul Qadaah, 1440 (i.e. July 04, 2019) at 8:00 amOnly fix number of pilgrims are allowed to perform Hajj.

Graphical Presentation of Procedure for online Hajj application

Details provided by the Local Hajj online Portal

From the local Hajj portal, Saudi expats and Saudi citizens can select local Hajj operators. This e-portal provides the following comprehensive details:

  1. The list of certified local Hajj operators.
  2. List of services provided by the local Hajj operators.
  3. The prices of the local Hajj operators.
  4. Location of their offices.
  5. The charge for their Hajj services ranges between SR 3,000 and SR 11,890. The charges depend on the location of camps in “MINA” and “Transportation”.

Categories of Local Hajj Packages

A). Low-Cost Hajj package

In terms of facilities, low-cost category consists of normal tents with lesser facilities, the low-cost package doesn’t allow children to stay with them, there are almost six low-cost packages in the list.

B). Normal or VIP Hajj package

While those who buy Normal or VIP Hajj packages get wooden tents with aluminum doors other facilities may include Air Condition, Sofa Beds, Wi-Fi, Speakers, Pillows, Sheet sets, Comforters, Shelves for luggage and shoes, Carpets, Artificial grass walkways, Special toilets, etc.

Step by Step Procedure to apply for online Local Hajj from Saudi Arabia

1- Visit the Hajj website portal Click here

2- Now from tab Select Packages and Reservation and follow the Reservation Request.

Step 1 for Hajj

3- In the third step, you need to select how many Males and Females Pilgrims will perform Hajj, your current Residence City, and Package Type then click Submit. Note: On the low-cost package, Female Passenger must travel with “Mehram” though it is allowed in Normal or Higher Packages.

Step 2 for Hajj

4- Once you click on the submit button, you will see Hajj operators in your city with their package types, facilities, and rates.

Step 3 for Hajj

5- Now click on the Book button. There are three types of package Low, Normal and high, select which one is suitable to you or fulfills your needs.

6- Next step, the applicant needs to verify his Mobile number, after entering the mobile number, you’ll receive a code from MOH on your provided mobile number, enter the verification code as shown in the below screenshot, so, the mobile number is verified.

Step 4 for Hajj

Step 5 for Hajj

7- After mobile verification, enters the Iqama number and Date of Birth of each pilgrim, next select when you leave Mina. Agree with terms and condition and you should be aware of all rules & regulations, read all the rules.

Step 6 for Hajj

8- In the next step, you will need to add NOSOK type.

Step 7 for Hajj

9- Carefully & especially read the Hajj instructions and cancellation rules in case you don’t want to perform the hajj.

Step 8 for Hajj

10- Now as shown below, you’ll see the final reservation information, make sure all of this information is according to the specified Iqama.

Step 9 for Hajj

11- Finally, you have reached the payments.

12- You will have to pay the amount within 3 days (72 hours) through Sadad payment using the Sadad number and the Biller Code. If you fail to pay the amount within the specified time, the booking will be canceled. 

13- Collect your hajj “Tasreeh” from the agent, you can also print hajj permit online.

Step 10 for Hajj

The Sacrifice of the Animal during Hajj: 

1). Adahi Coupon (for sacrifice)

Remember! If anyone of you wishes to do sacrifice (Slaughtering) during Hajj, you need to purchase the “Adahi Coupon at this stage. Kindly note that it is not compulsory to buy, you could get the services of the local agent as well by paying them separately.

If you don’t want to purchase the coupon and don’t wish to take this service, then you need to skip this step by clicking “Skip”. 

2). Sacrifice (Slaughtering Animal in Hajj) not required in Hajj Ifrad

Kindly note that the Hajj pilgrims performing Hajj Ifrad are not required to sacrifice (Slaughtering of Animal) the animal during Hajj but those who are performing “Hajj Tamattu” and “Hajj Qiraan” will be required to do the sacrifice during their Hajj.

What are fees for the Cancelation of booking for Hajj by Saudi expat and Saudi citizens?

Date of Cancel the Booking of Hajj Amount of Penalty
1st Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) SR 75.60/-
2nd Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) 30% of the Reservation Amount.
3rd Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) 40% of the Reservation Amount.
4th Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) 50% of the Reservation Amount.
5th Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) 60% of the Reservation Amount.
6th Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) 70% of the Reservation Amount.
7th Dhul Hijja (ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة) Full Amount.

What are the Rights of Saudi Expat and Saudi Citizens Pilgrims?

Saudi Citizens and Saudi expats enjoy a bundle of rights which are offered to them when they apply for Hajj. Some of these rights are assigned to the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah (MHU) which will ensure their provision for the pilgrims.

These rights are:

1- Pilgrims shall be enabled to perform Hajj (pilgrimage) after entering into a contract with a licensed company or agency by the MHU.

2- The MHU shall qualify the companies and agencies capable of offering the services properly to the pilgrims.

3- The MHU shall facilitate the pilgrims’ making of contracts with licensed companies and agencies. It shall transfer the pilgrims’ data to the Ministry of Interior in order to issue Hajj permits for them since it is the concerned authority responsible for this procedure.

4- The MHU shall take the necessary financial guarantees from the companies and agencies to ensure the fulfillment of their contracts with the pilgrims.

5- The MHU shall carry out effective monitoring programs over the companies’ and agencies’ execution of the services agreed upon with the pilgrims.

6- The MHU shall receive the complaints and remarks of the pilgrims on the companies and agencies. Then it will present them to the concerned committee for investigating and taking the appropriate decisions.

7- The MHU shall provide all reports it has as regards the performance of the licensed bodies in the season, and any reports it receives from the concerned bodies, and send them to the committee concerned with the violations in order to see into them and to help it investigate the pilgrims’ complaints.

8- The MHU shall implement the decisions of the Committee in order to return the rights of the pilgrims that are prescribed for them by the Committee, in addition to implementing the Committee’s decisions that include applying penalties on the violating companies and agencies by imposing a financial fine, stopping them from the service for one season or more, or cancelling their licenses.

9- The MHU shall represent the pilgrims before the authorized legal courts if the company or agency objects to the indemnity determined for the pilgrims.

10- The MHU shall give the pilgrims the amount of indemnity that is determined for them through the approved official channels.

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