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Procedure to apply online Saudi Green Card (Premium Residency)

Good News for the Saudi expats from Saudi authorities

The Saudi expats who were so excited on the news, whereby the Saudi authorities announced their plan of issuing the Saudi Green Card, need to get ready as the Saudi Green card services have officially been launched.

The Saudi Green Card (Premium residency) center begins its services from Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Saudi green card (premium residency) Center begins its services on Sunday June 23, 2019, by receiving and processing the applications electronically and applying the “Saudi Green Card (Premium Residency System)” issued by Royal decree with the approval of the Council of Ministers headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, May Allah protect him. Read more: Cost, benefits and limitations of Saudi green card for Saudi expats

How the applications will be received and processed for Saudi green cards?

The Saudi green card (premium residency) Center has to receive applications for the “Special Privilege Saudi Iqama” through the electronic platform “Saprc”

The Center is looking forward to serving those who wish to obtain the “Saudi green card (premium residency)” in Saudi Arabia through the comprehensive electronic platform “SAPRC, through which the applicant can upload all the required documents and make the electronic payment allocated for the procedures. The platform provides also an overview about the system and center. Read more: Saudi Arabia announces an unlimited period of Iqama validity for Saudi expats

Two types of Saudi green card will be available

The Center offers two kinds of Saudi green card (premium residency) in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Permanent Saudi green card (premium residency) for a one-time lifetime fee.
  2. Temporary Saudi green card (premium residency) for an annual fee. They offer the resident several advantages. 

What are the costs involved in availing the temporary or permanent residency (green card)?

Type of Saudi Iqama Amount
Temporary Saudi Iqama SR 100,000 ($26,666)
Permanent Saudi Iqama SR 800,000 ($213,333)

Ste‏ps involved in filling out and processing the Saudi Green Card application form

There are the 3 steps involved in obtaining the “Saudi Green Card”, for the ease of our readers we have enlisted below those 3 steps.

  1. Fill out the Form.
  2. Processing the application (Attached all required documents).
  3. Residency Grants.

Step-1: Fill out the form

Step-2: Processing the Application

Step-3: Residency Grants

The applicant shall, within 30 days of his notification of the approval decision.

The approval of the Saudi green card (premium residency System) comes to provide an opportunity for those who wish to settle or invest in the Kingdom according to the criteria set by the system and in an attractive investment environment that will achieve further growth and development to the Kingdom’s economy and its citizens. Read more: Saudi green card holders can stay in Saudi Arabia for 60 days after PPR cancellation

The Center is a financially and administratively independent entity associated with the Council for Economic Affairs and Development.

To achieve its objectives, the Center cooperates with the government sectors to provide comprehensive services to those who have a Saudi green card (premium residency) in Saudi Arabia and who wish to obtain it. Read more: Termination, Rights and Requirements of Saudi Green Card

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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