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Procedure to Cancel and Get Another Online Appointment for Umrah

Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the Saudi government closed the Holy shrines to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. However, with the passage of the times, the conditions in the Kingdom started to return to normal so the government decided to resume Umrah but with limited pilgrims.

To perform the Umrah, the pilgrims have to issue an Umrah permit. Is it permissible to get permission to perform ‘Umrah again after performing’ Umrah? And what is the procedure to cancel it after getting the permit? To know the answer to these read the article below.

What answers were given by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah?

According to the local newspaper that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has given answers to these two (2) important questions and said that “re-Umrah permit cannot be obtained unless the current Umrah has been performed”.

Explaining this, the ministry said that “a person will be issued a permit to perform only one Umrah at a time”.

From where can he get another Umrah permit?

The Ministry further added,

If he/ she wants to do Umrah again, he/ she can perform the current Umrah and then get another permit through the ‘Etemarana’ app again.

What measures should be done for another permit?

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah,

In order to perform the second (2nd) Umrah, he/ she has to choose the appropriate date and time from the available times as before.

No prohibition for Performing more than on Umrah

The Ministry has said that there is no prohibition on performing more than one Umrah, provided that a separate permit is obtained each time.

What does the Ministry say about the Canceling of the Umrah Permit?

On the other hand, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has said that,

If a person wants to cancel his Umrah due to some compulsion after obtaining the Umrah permit, he can cancel it only through the ‘Etemarana’ app.

They further added, The app user has the option to cancel the license. He can get the license again whenever he wants.

When can the pilgrims cancel their permits?

The Ministry clarified that,

The ‘Etemarana’ app takes care that the user has the option to cancel the license so that he can cancel it whenever he wants according to his circumstances.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah clarified the issues regarding the performing of second Umrah after the first Umrah and of canceling the Umrah permits. These issues can easily be resolved by using the “Etemarana” app. Pilgrims can issue or cancel their permits at any time according to their circumstances. For more information, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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