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Procedure to check online status of Huroob on Saudi Iqama

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What does “Huroob?” exactly mean?

Huroob means that the sponsor of any of the Saudi Expats has reported Saudi Jawazat that the Saudi Expat under his sponsorship has actually run away and is not reporting to his sponsor or Kafeel.

This also happens normally in the case where the Saudi expat employee has not been coming to the work without informing his employer and the employer after made all his efforts to contact and search the Saudi expat employee has actually put the Huroob against his Saudi expat employee.

There are several other reasons where the sponsors or Kafeel puts the Huroob status on your Saudi Iqama like in case of non-payment of sponsorship fee, working somewhere which is against the profession mentioned on the Saudi Iqama and sometimes the sponsors deliberately do it for obtaining the extra amount of their fees. Read more: Saudi expats will face fine and deportation in case of failure to renew Saudi Iqama

Most of the Saudi Expats living inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not well aware of the word “Huroob” and finds difficulty in case, if they encounter a situation where their sponsor puts Huroob against their Saudi Iqama.

Considering the said situation, before we proceed knowing the procedure of checking the Saudi Iqama Huroob status online, we better need to know what Huroob is and how it is perceived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read more: Saudi Arabia announces unlimited period of Iqama validity for Saudi expats

Procedure of checking the Saudi Iqama Huroob status online

We have explained below the detailed and correct procedure of checking the Saudi Iqama Huroob status through online. The procedure is listed down through step wise process:

First Step

In the first place, you need to access the website named as (Click here) . Just enter you Saudi Iqama number in the required box as mentioned below in the screen shot. You might need to enter the robot or image code as well just to verify your access. Read more: How to Check Saudi Iqama/Muqeem Validity Date Through SMS?

Second Step

Once you have entered your Saudi Iqama number in the required box and the required image code, another screen will appear as a result of entering your Saudi Iqama number.

REMEMBER! If your name, your Sponsor or Kafeel name and the sponsor’s Nitaqat status (Nitaqat Status represents whether your sponsor or Kafeel is in white, green, red, golden or platinum category) appears on the screen. Read more: Procedure for the Cancellation of Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

Under the second step, you might encounter another message as presented below in the screen shot instead of the above mentioned information. This message appearing on the screen will contain the below information:

  1. Border Number
  2. Saudi Iqama Number
  3. Passport Number
  4. Nationality
  5. Information like absent from the work (A comment put by your Sponsor or Kafeel).

If such information appears on your screen instead of the one we mentioned at the first place where only your name, your sponsor’s or Kafeel name and your sponsor’s Nitaqat status appears, then in this case you are in problem because your sponsor or Kafeel has actually put the Huroob status on your Saudi Iqama and you need to immediately contact your sponsor or Kafeel to remove this Huroob status as soon as possible. Read more: Grace Period for Saudi Iqama Renewal

Penalty for having Huroob status on the Saudi Iqama

Such Huroob status on the Saudi expats iqama needs to be removed at earliest because in such cases, working anywhere will be considered as illegal and the police can catch you any time for not responding or contacting your Kafeel or Sponsor.

The police can also detain you if they find Huroob status against your Saudi Iqama and this will ultimately lead towards the deportation to your home country unless you find any arrangement or settlement with your Sponsor or Kafeel.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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