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Procedure to Extend Saudi family visit visa

Many people inquire about the extension of Saudi family visit visa, some of them are still confused whether the procedure for the extension of family visit visa is manual (Visiting Saudi Jawazat Office physically & submit the required documents along with the extension fee) or through the online system.

Many of our frequent website visitors have requested us to write a detailed article on the procedure related to the extension of the Saudi Family Visit Visa.

Conditions based on which Saudi family visit visa is extended

Before we proceed to discuss the procedure of extension of family visit visa, it’s better for our readers to know that the extension in the Saudi family visit visa will be granted based on the following 7 rules: Read more: Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry for dependents in the home country

  1. At the time of the visa extension, the visit visa duration should be more than 7 days or have been expired for 3 days.
  2. Visit visa holder is present in KSA/Saudi Arabia.
  3. A fee of visa extension is paid.
  4. Visit visa holder Passport is valid (not expired) on the date of visit visa extension.
  5. Visa requester/ Visit visa holder Status is alive.
  6. Visit visa holder does not have an unpaid Traffic violation.
  7. The total visit visa period should not exceed the permitted period. Read more: List of Saudi Iqama Professions Eligible for Saudi Family Visit Visa 2019-2020

Step by Step procedure of Saudi family visit visa extension

After clarification of the above-mentioned points, now we have explained below the step by step procedure of extension in the Saudi family visit visa. Read more: Validity of the Saudi Family Visit Visa

If this is your first time to apply for the online extension of Saudi Family Visit Visa extension then don’t worry, stay relaxed and just follow the procedures carefully as mentioned below:

Step-1: Pay fee for the extension of Saudi family visit visa

The very first step in the extension of visit visa is the payment of the required fee. The Extension fee is SAR.100 which you need to pay through the online system. This is a very easy step and you just have log in to your internet banking and use the required menu which allows the payment of SADAD services. Read more: Procedure to Apply for Saudi Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Step-2: Get the medical insurance for the extension in Saudi family visit visa

Once you have made the online payment of SAR.100 as mentioned above related to the extension of Family Visit Visa, then in the second step you need to renew or get the medical insurance policy. Read more: Umrah, Hajj and Saudi Visit Visa Fee to be Fixed at SR.300 each

We have written a detailed article related to the Medical Insurance for the Family visit visa. Read more: Steps Involved to Get Medical Insurance for Saudi Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Step-3: Absher account

In the 3rd step, we have explained below step by step procedures related to using the Ministry of Interior Website (MOI) to extend the Saudi family visit visa through online.

If you don’t have your user ID on MOI, then kindly register yourself and create your ID, if you already have an Absher ID then proceed to log in to your MOI/ Absher account. Read more: Nationality Wise Family Visit Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia for 2019

After entering the login ID, a new screen will appear where you will find a menu on the top written as “E-SERVICES”. We have presented below a screenshot of the E-Services TAB for the readers of our website. Read more: Extension of Family Saudi Visit Visa Restricted upto 6 months only

Steps for Absher  Screenshots
Step-1: Under E-Service TAB, you will find icon named as “Family Member Service“, just  click on this icon.
Step-2: After clicking “Family Member Service”, click on “Extend Visit Visa“.
Step-3: Once you click “Extend Visit Visa” icon, a new screen page will appear which will mention the rules based on which the Saudi family visit visa can be extended, below these rules, just click on the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the page
Step-4: After clicking proceed button, a new screen will appear which will show the Passport number, Visa number, Date of Entry, Date of Visa expiry. Just click on the “Extend Visa” button.
Step-5: After reading all the basic details entered before to extend the Saudi family visit visa. Click on “Confirm to Extend Visit Visa” button.

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Source: MOI

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