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Procedure to Follow in Case Car Number Plate Lost Outside KSA

Recently, a citizen asked the Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) that what should be done in case of loss of number plate of a vehicle while travelling outside Saudi Arabia and which agency should be approached? Upon which the Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) clarified the procedure that in case the number plate of a vehicle is lost while travelling abroad. Keep reading to know more.

Which Agency should be Approached?

According to the local newspaper, the traffic department (Moroor) responded on their official Twitter account and said that in case of loss of the number plate, a report should be lodged with the Criminal Records Agency first.

Fine for the Replacement of the Number Plate

However, a fixed fee has to be paid for the issuance of a replacement number plate. Application for the issuance of new number plate must be submitted by contacting the Traffic Department (Moroor).

Can you Drive a Car without its Number Plate?

The statement from the traffic department (Moroor) further said,

Section 4 of the traffic law prohibits any person from driving without a number plate.

Installment of Number Plates According to the Law

According to the law, number plates must be installed on the front and rear of every vehicle. The number plate must be installed in a prominent place. If someone’s number plate is lost, the traffic department (Moroor) should be contacted at the earliest.

These procedures should be followed if a person lost their number plate while travelling abroad. A report and a fixed fine must be paid to issue a replacement number plate. For further inquiry, visit our website, Saudi expat news.

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