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Procedure to get a Vaccination Appointment for Child in Saudi Arabia

Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

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Significance of Vaccination

Vaccination is an injection carrying a substance in it to stimulate an individual’s immune system, Vaccines used to prevent your child from infectious and some of the serious diseases like measles (brain swelling), mumps (permanent deafness) and polio (constant paralysis).

Background of Children’s Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

Many of the Saudi expats residing in Saudi Arabia had to face difficulty in vaccinating their children. Getting an appointment for baby vaccination was not an easy task but recently government introduced a centralized system to book an appointment in Primary Health centers (PHC) across Saudi Arabia.

It has become quite easy for all of the parents now to get vaccine injection on time for the good health of their children. Read: Schedule of Vaccination for Your Child in Saudi Arabia

Schedule of Children’s Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

*Note: BCG Vaccination is available only on Wednesday in the Government Hospitals.

Saudi Vision 2030 Initiatives

With the passing days, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been very much determined to ensure the new measures and broad economic initiatives have been identified and properly implemented to achieve its Saudi 2030 vision.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is dedicated with its vision 2030 set previously and has introduced new amendments in the various functions of the Government departments by introducing certain advancement to serve the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats in a better way. This has eventually contributed to the overall economy of Saudi Arabia commercially and as well as qualitatively. Read more: Procedure to Get Birth Certificate for Newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia

Procedure for Getting an Appointment for Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

Recently, in the past, the Jeddah General Directorate of health affairs stated that vaccines will be free for all children inside Saudi Arabia including Saudi expat children.

There are two ways listed below to get an appointment from MOH (Ministry of health).

  1. The first way is you need to call on 937 which is MOH emergency call center to schedule your appointment.
  2. Another way is you can take an online appointment from an application called MAWID (Appointment), anyone wishes to book an appointment, just needs to install the Application from Mobile Play store (Available for Android and iPhones). Once the application is installed, log in with your Absher ID and Password, once you have been logged in successfully, type the name of nearest Primary Health center (PHC). Choose your PHC (Option visible on application) and make it default. Click on More, It will show dependents, click on it, add dependent. Enter your baby’s Saudi Iqama number and date of birth. It will send a request to your default Primary health center. Read: An increasing trend of obesity in Saudi Arabia

The introduction of the above facility through an online mechanism has really benefited the Saudi citizens and the Saudi expats living in the big cities including Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Khobar and Jeddah etc. The said facility is time-saving and cost-effective (i.e. free) for the citizens and the Saudi expats living in the country and working in different professions.

Comprehensive Online Procedure

Once Primary Health center (PHC) approves your request, your baby name will appear in the dependent section.

  1. Click on the Booking button, choose a dependent name.
  2. Then select specialty of baby and vaccination clinic.
  3. Go for an appointment date and time which is suitable for you.
  4. Type “baby vaccination” in the column and click on Book.

Cases Where Child Does not Have Saudi Iqama

In case, your child does not have an Saudi Iqama, you can approach the government hospital and show them your child’s birth certificate and Saudi Iqama of Child’s Parents (This is only for the first Vaccination).

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Source: Ministry of Health

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