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Procedure to Get Online Appointment for Covid-19 Vaccination

Coronavirus has been the biggest highlight of 2020. This pandemic caused several causalities around the globe and the world went under lockdown for preventative measures. However, vaccines were under progress for a long time and recently Saudi Arabia announced that vaccines will be available and the registration for these vaccines will be made through “Sehaty app”. Keep reading to know more.

Registration for the Corona Vaccine

The director of the Saudi Vaccination Company, Dr Mazen Hasnain, said that registration for the corona vaccine has been started in the kingdom through the Sehaty app.

Who will be given these Vaccines First?

The local newspaper reported that according to the schedule of the Ministry of Health, at first, the vaccine will be given to the dangerous patients of Corona. Read more: Will it be Necessary to Wear a Mask Even after the Covid-19 Vaccine in Saudi Arabia

Procedure for Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccination will be started preferably in major cities, as the procedure for Corona testing was adopted by the Ministry of Health in the past. Dr Hasnain said that the procedure of vaccination would be centralized for which patients would be vaccinated in phases after registering them on the Sehaty app. The people who will be vaccinated in the first phase have been determined by the Ministry of Health. Initially, the vaccine will be given to the elderly and people suffering from dangerous diseases.

To download Sehaty App:

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What is the Age Limit of these Vaccines?

While responding to a question, Dr Mazen said that the vaccine developed by “Pfizer Biotics” is only for people over 16 years of age, so initially, the vaccine will be given only to people 16 years of age and older. However, the company will soon develop vaccines for children under 16 years of age. Read more: Ministry of Education Announces to Continue Online Education Even After Covid-19

On What Basis is the Vaccine Imported in the Country?

In the TV program, Dr Hasnain reassured that all the experiments on the vaccine have been carefully reviewed after which the said vaccine has been allowed to be imported for the country. He added that as soon as the vaccine arrives in the country, samples will be provided to experts before it is administered, which will be reviewed in detail to ensure that what was said in the vaccine reports corresponds to it.

Saudi Arabia is ensuring the safety of the citizens by reviewing the vaccines in detail before providing them to the citizens. Registration for the vaccine can be done through the “Sehaty app. For more information, visit Saudi expat news. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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