Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to Get Permit for Emergency Medical During Curfew Timings in KSA

As you all know by now that due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus the Saudi Government launched an application service “Tawakkalna” to help people out during this serious situation. As the lock-down was imposed in the country, such application was quite handy to get all the information and services. Recently, a new service has been added to the curfew pass application ‘Tawakkalna‘. What is this service about? How will be this service helpful of the residents? To know the answers to these questions, read the article below.

Medical Curfew Pass

According to the local news website, the Tawakkalna application’s account on Twitter said,

Medical curfew pass will be issued for emergencies for the convenience of citizens and Saudi expats.

S.No. Questions Answers
1 Who can get this Medical pass from Tawakkalna Application? Anyone who needs medical help during a curfew can get a pass.
2 What about those who need medical assistance? In addition to those in need of medical assistance, an additional person will be given a pass who will take him to the hospital.
3 For how long will the emergency medical pass be activated? The emergency medical pass will be active for one hour. It can be revoked within 15 minutes after approval.
4 What is the difference between the medical pass and other pass? Emergency medical passes do not have neighborhood restrictions, nor do they have the same weekly hours as other passes.
5 How many people should be in the hospital? The person issuing the pass and the extra person must be in the hospital within an hour or both may be fined. After receiving medical help, both men can be issued a pass from the hospital to return home.
6 What facility is provided to the students? Another new facility has been provided for students who have to go for exams and they can pass even during curfew hours.
7 How many passes can students’ issue? Students can issue their own pass as well as can issue a pass for another person for delivery to the examination hall.
8 What would be the duration of the pass? The additional person will be issued a temporary driver’s pass. The duration of the pass will be determined according to the time taken in the examination.


Where can we Find this Application?

This application is available on Apple iOS and Android Google Play store, it is expected to be highly popular among users as it represents great importance to users during this period.  The application will contribute to the efforts of the Kingdom aimed to reduce the effects of the pandemic.

  1. IOS
  2. Android

These are the steps taken by the Saudi Government to ensure the safety of their citizens & Saudi expats. Such medical and students passes will be found very helpful. The Government is trying very hard to take every action to stop the spread of COVID-19. Along with Government, we should be taking other preventative measure like washing our hands, maintaining social distance, avoid contact with our nose, mouth and eyes. For more information regarding other services and issues, visit our website. Read more: Saudi Authority Launches Mobile Application Tawakkalna for Movement Permits During Curfew Hours

Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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