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Procedure to Pay Dependent Fees Quarterly And Renew Saudi Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Last week, the Saudi Interior Ministry announced an increase in the number of online services provided on the ‘Abshar’ and ‘Muqeem’ portals for Saudi Iqama and other government affairs. The most important of which was the facility to extend the Saudi Iqama duration of expatriates for at least three (3) months. Keep reading for more.

Extension of Saudi Iqama by Three (3) Months

The Saudi cabinet had recently decided to extend the Saudi Iqama duration by three (3) months, but the procedure for implementing the law was being worked out in collaboration with the National Database Center and the Artificial Intelligence Agency. An announcement was made by the Saudi Interior Ministry last week that the country has been given the facility to extend the duration of Saudi Iqama holding Saudi expats by at least three (3) months.

Quarterly Payment of the Dependent Fees

According to the source, the Saudi Passport Department ‘Saudi Jawazat’ said that to renew the Iqama of Saudi expats residing in the kingdom, in collaboration with local Saudi banks, it has planned to pay the monthly fee of 400 riyals quarterly for renewal of Saudi Iqama of expatriate families.

Benefits of Quarterly Fees of Dependent Fees

The introduction of the new system will greatly benefit the Saudi expats who are forced to keep their families for a limited period. There is also no shortage of Saudi Iqama holders in the country whose children are studying and cannot return simply because they have already paid the lump sum of 12 months while the children have a few months left till the end of the academic year. Read more: Saudi Jawazat Clarifies the Condition Based on Which the Dependent Fee Can be Returned


What will be the Procedure to Pay the Monthly Fee?

The Saudi Jawazat says that Saudi banks have developed a “program” to facilitate the payment of monthly fees to the families of Saudi expats and for that, a three-month facility has been provided. Regarding the procedure, the sources said that just like the one-year fee was submitted earlier, after renewing the duration of Saudi Iqama, the fee can be submitted for three months instead of 12 months. However, before the end of 90 days, you must pay the fee again for 3 months. Read more: Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry of dependents, if overstayed more than 7 months


What was the Previous Procedure for Saudi Iqama Renewal?

However earlier, according to the Saudi Jawazat law, Saudi expats residing in the country with their families were required to pay a lump sum fee of one year after which the Iqama was renewed. If one’s family has 4 members, he would have to pay a lump sum of 12 months at the rate of 1600 riyals per month. Renewal of Saudi Iqama was not possible until the family fee was paid. In case of delay in payment of fees, the Iqama was not renewed and a fine of 500 riyals was imposed.

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