Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to Register in Tawakkalna Without Having Abshar Account

The Saudi government is taking precautionary measures to protect against the Covid-19 in the nation.  The Ministry of Health has launched an application called ‘Tawakkalna App‘ which is accessible to every person and must be installed on a smartphone.

But the query is if you don’t have Absher account then how to register yourself through Tawakkalna app? For knowing the solution, read the full article below.

Absher Account is not Necessary for Tawakkalna App Registration!

You no longer need to have an account with Absher to register for the Tawakkalna app. This facility can also be availed by Saudi expats who do not have Absher account and the ones coming on Saudi visit visas.  Read more: Saudi Arabia Announces to Suspend All Entertainment & Other Activities

Procedure of Registration in Tawakkalna App without Absher Account

Those who do not have the Absher account and wish to get registered under Tawakkalna app, such individuals can request their family relatives, friends or anyone else they are in relation with to add them in their Absher account, the procedure of adding them in Absher account is as follows:

  1. The family or friend will log in to their Absher account.
  2.  Absher account holder after ‘logging in‘ to his account need to go to My Services‘.
  3. Under My Services, there is a menu called ‘General Services’, click on the it.
  4. After clicking on the General Services, a menu will appear ‘Register a Mobile Number for Tawakkalna‘,  just click on this.
  5. After clicking on the above, it will require the information to enter, the residence number, date of birth and the mobile number of the person whose account is to be registered.
  6. After completing the initial process, click in the Next button’, along with the specific confirmation code received on the mobile, which will be registered in the Tawakklana app by feeding it to Absher.

The Health of Registrants is Explained in Tawakkalna!

After registering on the Tawakkalna app, important information about the registered person will be listed on its home page, which will indicate whether the person is affected by Corona or not. Read more: Tawakkalna Website for Registration and List of Malls Required Permits to Enter

To Enter the Markets, Registration is Required!

Registration in the app has now become mandatory without which entry to supermarkets and other establishments has been banned in many cities. Read more: Registration on Tawakalna App is Mandatory for Entry into Malls and Govt. Offices

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