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Procedure to Register on Qdoom for Family Visit Visa & Saudi Iqama Holders Before Travelling to Saudi Arabia

Due to the recent pandemic, vaccination is a must whether or not you are travelling out of the country. Every citizen is obliged to get vaccinated. The Department of Civil Aviation has issued a procedure to determine the vaccination status of Saudi expats residing in Saudi Arabia before boarding a flight to Saudi Arabia.

What is this new procedure about? How can you approve your vaccination status? What measure will be taken against the violators? Keep reading.

New Procedure to Determine the Covid-19 Vaccination Status

According to the sources, the Civil Aviation Department has informed all airlines operating from the country’s airports, including private ones, in writing about the new procedure. The Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement that,

One of two ways to find out about the vaccine status of expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia should be adopted.

Way to Find the Vaccination Status

The department said,

The first way is for the incoming Saudi expats to prove his or her position to be vaccinated through the Tawakkalna app. The second way is to show the report of vaccination in the country through the ‘Qdoom’ platform.

How to Register on Qdoom Platform?

Qdoom platform is a new portal for family visit visa holders and Saudi Iqama holders and in that portal you will have to get registered within at least 72 hours before coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Who Should Get Registered to Qdoom Platform?

  • Immune visitor (Vaccinated family visit visa holder).
  • Non-Immune visitor (Non-vaccinated family visit visa holder).
  • Visitor for Medical treatment.
  • Immune resident (Saudi expat).
  • Non-Immune resident (Saudi expat).
  • Domestic worker accompanying citizens.

Here are the following steps.

1). Click here to open the Absher Portal.

2). Click on Login to Qdoom Platform.

3). Procedure for Online Registration for Covid-19

We have already written a detailed procedure in order to register on Muqeem portal. Click here to read.

Orders against the Violation of this Procedure

The Civil Aviation Department urged the airlines to abide by the written instructions, saying,

Violators will be held accountable and will have to accept responsibility for the consequences of the violation.

Every foreigner travelling to Saudi Arabia is required to prove their vaccination status before boarding a flight. Tawakkalna app and Qdoom are used to show the status. For further details, visit our website. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news.

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