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Procedure to Report Online Against False Huroob by Sponsor/ Kafeel

Huroob is a legal term used in Saudi Arabia. If you are a employer or working under any sponsor/ kafeel you must also be well aware of this term and its consequences. If not, let us tell you in literal meaning the word Huroob means to escape.

Any Saudi expat who is dependent on his or her employer’s work visa and who fails to work with his sponsor/ kafeel or runs away and start working under any other sponsor is an illegal act which involves legal proceedings. However, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has provided employers with the facility to file a Huroob of their workers who escape because according to the state’s labor laws, the sponsor is responsible for all the legal issues for his workers.

But time and again we have seen that the employer uses this facility illegally. Under such circumstances, come the necessary question that what can a Saudi expat worker do? This question answer section is based on all the queries related to Huroob. So scroll below and read the answers our experts have given on this biggest issue.

The Supreme Authority of the Sponsor/ Kafeel

Abu Rabail asked us about the authority of sponsor/ kafeel that,

Why the sponsor/ kafeel is responsible for all their legal proceedings?

It is because, under the work agreement, the sponsor has a responsibility to take care of the residential, medical and other needs of his Saudi expat worker. The employer faces legal problems if he does not care for the needs of the hirer. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the hirers to take care of the contract signed between them. Read more: Transfer of Sponsorship for Saudi Expat After Huroob is Applied

What is the Sole Purpose of Huroob?

Another common question received by international viewers regarding the need of a Huroob. Actually, The Ministry of Labor has facilitated the sponsor/ kafeel to immediately notify the Labor Office about their escaped Saudi expat employee/ worker through the Ministry of Labor’s digital account, Absher. If the Labor office is not informed of such Saudi expat worker and they are involved in any crime, then the sponsor/ kafeel will also be held responsible for it. Read more: Huroob Cases to Face Permanent Deportation with Zero Chance to Enter the Kingdom Again

Can Huroob be Cancelled if Filed Mistakenly?

Yes, it is possible to cancel Huroob within 15 days after registering with Absher. After the cancellation period, if the employer wish to cancel the Huroob of his hirer he has to visit the concerned department office.

Why Employers File False Huroob on Saudi Expat Workers?

A new Saudi expat worker, Saad Bin Abdullah asked us,

Why is there a concept of false Huroob?

This is because some of the sponsors/ kafeels are involved in the illegal trade of the visas and couldn’t pay their Saudi expat workers on a monthly basis or in some cases, employers also file Huroob because they can’t pay the dues of their Saudi expat workers.

How Can You Know that Your Employer has Filed Huroob on You?

Ali Bin Sultan asked our experts in confusion that, Since the false Huroob cases are also frequent, how can I know that my employer has filed a wrong Huroob or not?

In such cases one has to take a print out from Saudi Jawazat to know whether the Huroob is filed or not. But with Saudi Vision 2030, the Ministry of Labor whose name is recently changed to Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development has added a new facility on their website to get the notification of Huroob filed on you or not. This will not only protect the rights of the worker but also allow the Ministry to take disciplinary action against the employer or sponsor if wrong Huroob is filed. Read more: Procedure to check online status of Huroob on Saudi Iqama

How to Report against False Huroob Online?

Taking an extra step, our team is giving below a sum of instructions needed by you to report against false Huroob on the official website. They are,

Steps Description
Step-1 Login to Ministry’s website (Click here).
Step-2 Select your language.
Step-3 Create your own account.
Step-4 In order to create an account it is necessary to provide the required information including your name and Saudi Iqama number (the name should be same as written on the Saudi Iqama).
Step-5 After creating an account in the system, the Saudi expat worker or his lawyer should click the ‘Individual’ tab where details of the allegations against the worker by the Ministry of Labor are available.
Step-6 The details of the allegations should be answered within the system itself, besides providing the documentary evidence on which to prove that Huroob was wrongly filed.
Step-7 Important information must include the date of starting and ending the job, as well as the date of the last payroll, as well as the reason for being forbidden from work.
Step-8 Upload the required documentation to the system which should be in the form of a PDF file.
Step-9 It is important to be sure to upload only the correct information that you can prove.
Step-10 The system will review all the information and send it to the concerned organization while the Saudi expat worker will also get a registration number which will allow him to legally access the secure.

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