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Procedure to transfer of Car ownership through Electronic services on Absher very soon

With science and technology ruling all the world, it is soon thought that in future people have to just rest at home and do nothing as technology will take over their tasks. Saudi Arabia working on developing its economy and making the kingdom a tourist hub by 2030 under Saudi Vision 2030, has brought in the revolution through their digital electronic app, Absher. Read below what new it has brought for the citizens and expatriates.

What is Absher in Saudi Arabia?

Absher was an electronic service that started in 2005 as a single service for its local residents and Saudi expats. Over the period, it has evolved with almost 180 electronic services to more than 13.5 million subscribers (including Saudi expats).

It has linked 26 ministries and government authorities. Recently, Absher has created a new service for Saudi citizens and Saudi expats.

What is the New Service?

Absher is soon bringing in the facility of transferring the car ownership through its electronic gate of Interior Ministry. Currently, Several car services as mentioned below are provided by the Absher services:

  1. The validity of vehicle insurance,
  2. The validity of car registration and ;
  3. The traffic violations etc. are provided by Absher.

What will be the Benefit of this New Service?

With this new service in action, Saudi citizens and Saudi expats don’t need to go out of their homes and stand in long queues and wait for their turn in offices to transfer ownership. Everything will be electronically or digitally handled. All you need to have are the right documents and the required amount to fulfill the need for transfer.

Do all the transfers be handled by Absher?

The buying and transfer of ownership can be done via Absher. However, the transfer of other ownerships involving trade activities of companies and establishments will still have to be done through the showrooms or the concerned offices.

What is the Current Procedure for Transferring Car Ownership?

Currently, the transfer of car ownership is a tough job. You need the buyer and seller to be available and visit the concerned office and showroom for the transfer which is quite hectic and tiresome.

What are the Requirements for Transfer a Car Ownership?

Before making any transfer between the buyer and seller no police records or violations must be on them. They must be cleared from any charges for sound transfer. 

What Documents are Required for Transfer of Car Ownership?

You need to have the following documents before planning on transferring ownership.

  • Car Fahas (MVPI) pass report.
  • Istimara (ownership card of the seller).
  • Valid Saudi Iqama of buyer and seller.
  • Valid Saudi driving license of the buyer.
  • Insurance by the buyer.

What is the step by step procedure for the transfer of Car Ownership?

For the transfer, you have to follow the below steps accordingly,

  • The First thing is to buy a used car.
  • Now before buying get all the details of the person from whom you buy.
  • Now both Buyer and seller have to visit Murror office from where the vehicle transfer will be started. There are many offices at Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam etc. visit the one which works quickly within hours else it will be delayed for days.
  • At Muroor Haraj they ask for original Saudi Iqama, Istamara (Vehicle Registration) or Saudi Driving license.
  • After a few minutes, they check your documents.
  • Then both seller and buyer receive SMS from MOI that your vehicle is transferred and for the buyer, that Vehicle is transferred on your name.
  • Muroor Office keeps old registration card of vehicle and Saudi Istamara of Seller and hands over you with detail print of car registration number
  • Now visit any Muroor office at your city to get a vehicle registration card or Saudi Istimara.

What is the Fee of Transferring Ownership?

For transferring ownership of the car, the fees you have to pay is SR 400/-. However, the third-party insurance costs SR 750/-.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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