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Qunfudah City in the Makkah Region Experiences Earthquake

With 2020 came the echoes of Australian fires and then Coronavirus. Either of these have long term side effects and consequences for the people to face over the decades. Coronavirus disease is something that cannot be ignored. A global outbreak of Coronavirus has banned all travel platforms worldwide, following which the aviation service was suspended in Saudi Arabia. 

The natural calamities that the affected region has to face. The only thing that one can do is to make necessary arrangements to recover from these incidents as well as to avoid considerable scale destruction.

Saudi Arabia has a significant change in its environment that caused the nation to witness snowfall in deserts and massive floods lately in the kingdom during Moon-soon. However, it seems like the country is not safe from Earthquakes as well. Yes, you read it right. The country felt an earthquake recently. Read all the necessary details about it in the article below.

Earthquake Felt in the Makkah Region

It was fine morning of Wednesday when in the night of Wednesday, 9 Km each of Al-Qunfudah in the Makkah region felt shackles on the ground that terrified the people. According to local newspaper, the earthquake tremors were felt having a magnitude of 2.7 points on the rector scale.

Where did the Earthquake Originate?

Commenting on the earthquake, the Saudi Geological Survey board spokesperson, Tariq Ab al Khalil said,

earthquake is not the first one experienced in the region. Though frequent seismic activity occurs but at intervals. These earthquakes are small in strength and their impact exceeds only the slightest sense by citizens.

Was the Earthquake Strong Enough to Terrify People?

No, the earthquake wasn’t strong enough due to minimal magnitude, but the residents of the east of Makkah region felt tremors.

What is the take of the Geological Board on this Incident?

The geological survey board assured the people to stay calm and peaceful. They gave in confident saying,

Geological Survey is monitoring the situation. It is more than 270 state of the art equipment is working on recording shocks all the time.

Incidents like these always make a person remember that there is a creator who holds the decision of life and death. And after all the techniques, equipment, and technologies, you still cannot defeat death if it is destined to happen. May Allah protect us from these severe calamities. Please share the article with your fellows.

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