Raising Righteous Kids in the Light of Islam

Raising Righteous Kids in the light of Islam

Raising Righteous Kids – A Strenuous Task for Muslim Parents in this Gadget World.

The topic of raising righteous kids is very significant in each one of our lives, we should view its religious importance in the light of below Hadith of our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

 The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said,

When a man dies, his action discontinues from him except three things”, namely

  • Perpetual Sadaqah (charity),
  • Or the knowledge by which benefit is acquired,
  • Or a pious child who prays for him.” [Sunan Abi Dawud]

Children are an Amanah for us as Muslims, the parent must ensure raising righteous kids as they are a gift from Allah.

The parents must ensure that the kids become more productive in their acts and most importantly, God-fearing individuals who will be an asset to the Ummah.

Tarbiyah (Raising and Upbringing of Children)

Upbringing (Tarbiyah) is the most important aspect for children’s upbringing according to the correct path of Islam. Tarbiyah in quite vital in Islam, for indeed all of the deen is based upon Tarbiyah (i.e. the education and upbringing of the people).

This starts first of all with the education and training of our own selves, then of our families, and then of the community at large.

Tips for raising Righteous Kids:

Here I will guide you to some constructive tips regarding parenting and nurturing.

  • Keep reminding them that Allah loves them 70 times more than you do, help them visualize with the objects around them, for instance, toys, sweets, etc.
  • Don’t tell them that Allah will punish them when you are upset with their behavior, don’t use Allah as a scare tactic.
  • Love Allah yourself and speak often about him with them, children do copy our action and tend to love who we love. When they hear you beaming how much you love Allah, constantly they will also follow In sha Allah!
  • Telling your children that you love them to make them confident and contented, and it’s amazing to hear back from them too as they tend to repeat every act of yours.
  • Make a habit of remembering Allah at bedtime and make them love Allah too after reading a story.
  • Make them see Allah’s love in everything that happens to them. Basically, make “See! Allah loves you!”

I also found a beautiful illustration of “Surah Luqman” which cannot be further created like this Masha Allah!

Surah Luqman

May Allah SWT make it easy for us in the upcoming life ahead. Ameen!

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