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Registration on Tawakalna App is Mandatory for Entry into Malls and Govt. Offices

As the new coronavirus has entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, new and strict implementation of Corona SOPs has begun in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. To avoid any further deaths and increase in the number of patients this had to be done. The authorities have also launched an option in the app to get to know about the exact number of people entering a mall or institute or any other public place.

The Application is known as Tawakkalna

Registration on the Tawakkalna app will be mandatory for those entering healthcare institutions, markets and commercial malls. According to local newspaper, the Governor of the Eastern Region, is taking all precautionary measures to ensure strict implementation of measures to prevent Covid-19.

The Director of Health Affairs Stated

Director of Health Affairs, Eastern Region, said that following the instructions of the Governor, Eastern Region, and taking all precautions those are instructed by the Region Health will help to prevent the spread of Corona as much as possible.

Download Tawakkalna App

Directorate of Health visitors are ordered to use ‘Tawakkalna’ app

In this regard, the registration on ‘Tawakkalna’ app has been made mandatory for those coming to the Directorate of Health from Sunday, January 31. He further added that everyone should follow Covid-19 SOPs to stay safe from this epidemic. He appealed to the citizens and Saudi expats to immediately install the ‘Tawakkalna’ app on their smartphones so that their health can be accurately known.

Mayor of Eastern Region had issued orders in this regard

On the other hand, following the orders issued by the Governorate, the Mayor of the Eastern Region has also issued instructions to all local bodies to install the ‘Tawakkalna’ app on the mobile phones of citizens and Saudi expats living in the region.

The Absence of ‘Tawakkalna’ App can Cause you Trouble

In the absence of the Tawakkalna app, no one will be allowed to visit commercial establishments, commercial plazas, shopping centres, etc. For those who go to local bodies, it is necessary to install the ‘Tawakkalna’ app, which will show that the person coming does not have the coronavirus (Covid-19).

It may be recalled that the registration ban of ‘Tawakkalna’ app for admission in institutions and shopping centres of Madinah has been being implemented since last month. So, it’s better for all citizens and expatriates that they start registering themselves on ‘Tawakkalna’ app and help the authorities to avoid the spread of coronavirus and keep themselves safe from the regions of high public interest.

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