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Requirement of NOC to Drive your Father’s Car in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Traffic police (Muroor) have once again warned vehicle owners that they must obtain a NOC from the owner before temporarily handing over the vehicle to someone else. The Muroor further said that if the son also uses the father’s car, then legally it is also necessary for him to use the NOC ‘mandate’ so that he does not get involved in legal issues in case of challans etc. To know more, read the article below.

Is ‘mandate’ required for using the Father’s Car?

According to the sources, A citizen inquired from the traffic police (Muroor) as to whether ‘mandate’ would be required for using the father’s car.

What was the Response of the Traffic Police to that Question?

The Traffic police (Muroor) responded to that question and said that,

According to the law, any person, be it a son, a close relative or anyone else, if he uses someone else’s car temporarily, he will get NOC ‘mandate’. It is mandatory to do without which driving is prohibited by law, in which case the challan will be in the name of the owner of the vehicle.

When will the NOC be Considered Useful?

The Traffic police (Muroor) said,

Under Section 17 of the Act, no one other than the owner of the vehicle is allowed to use the vehicle unless he obtains the NOC from the owner of the vehicle.

However, the NOC will be considered useful only after verification by the traffic police (Muroor).

What if Someone is Using the Car Without NOC?

It should be noted that according to the rules laid down by the traffic department (Muroor) in Saudi Arabia, driving someone else’s car is prohibited by law. This law is not new but quite old which is strictly enforced, however since the introduction of the digital challan system in the country, most people have objected to the challan, which indicates that someone else was using their vehicle during which the challan was issued.

Where can we get NOC ‘mandate’?

Obtaining NOC ‘mandate’ for vehicle use has been facilitated by the Traffic Police (Muroor) and facility has also been provided on ‘Abshar’ account.

The Saudi Traffic department warned the citizen & Saudi expats to obtain the NOC ‘mandate’ to use someone’s car as it is prohibited by the law to use the car without it and the challan will be in the name of the owner. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Share this news with your friends and family members. Stay safe and stay tuned.

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