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Response from Saudi Jawazat for Several Visa Queries raised by Expatriates

  • Saudi Arabia is drafting a new law for expatriates which will take effect on March 15, 2021. According to the new law, rules and regulations have been set to protect the rights of employers and Saudi expat employees. In this regard, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development recently held an online meeting with diplomats from different countries and obtained their points. However, the following questions are being answered under current law. Keep reading to know the questions and the answers to these.

How can we Change the Visit Visa into a Saudi Iqama?

Hussain Alsayed asked that I called my son on a visit visa. Is there any way I can change my son’s visit visa into a Saudi Iqama?

What was the reply of the Ministry?

According to Saudi Arabia law, visitors are required to return after completing their stay, otherwise, it would be a violation of the law. However, It is possible to increase the stay before the expiration of the visit visa.

But those coming on a visit, Umrah or Hajj visa cannot be legally granted a Saudi Iqama. It is best to send your son back within the given time of visit visa and then issue another visa for your son so that there is no legal violation.

Will the violations be imposed if I call my wife on visit visa now?

Amr Elhamdy asked that I sent my wife on exit re-entry but she didn’t come later. Can I call her back on visit visa now or will the violations of exit re-entry be enforced?

Ban wouldn’t apply to those falling in the category of companion

According to the Saudi Jawazat, a three-year ban is imposed on those who violate the exit re-entry, but the ban does not apply to families who fall into the category of companions.

On whom does this ban apply?

The law of violation of exit re-entry only applies to Saudi expat employed. If the Saudi expat workers violating this law want to come to the country during the said period, The only way for them to do so is for their former sponsor to issue a second visa on which they can come to the country again during the period of the ban.

How can he call his wife to the kingdom?

The Ministry said that your wife will not be the subject to the said ban because she was on your Saudi Iqama and falls under the category “companion” so you can issue a visit visa for them.

What is the duration of the ban on coming back for those violating the Hajj law?

This question is asked by Amanat Haider that people who go on Hajj and have their fingerprints (violated). In this case, what is the duration of the ban on coming again?

Law of ‘Hajj Permit’

The law of ‘Hajj Permit’ has been in force for a long time by the Ministry of Hajj. However, detailed information has been provided on Urdu News. According to the law, Hajj permit is mandatory not only for those living in Saudi Arabia but also for Saudis. During the months of Hajj, officials are stationed at checkpoints at the entrances to Makkah, not allowing anyone to enter Makkah without a permit.

What if someone enters Makkah without a permit?

Those who go to Makkah without a permit during the Hajj in any way, if they are caught during checking in this time, their fingerprints are taken which are deposited in the control room of the licensing center (Saudi Jawzat). After the Saudi Jawzat has their fingerprint feed in the central control room, their Saudi Iqama and other matters are blocked.

What is the duration of their ban?

Individuals who violate the Hajj permit face a 10-year ban and cannot enter the country on any visa during that time.

The Ministry answered all the queries that the citizens were having regarding several issues. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more.

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