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SADAD feature will be available to Umrah, Hajj & Visit visa holders soon

The world is into the 2020s, the nations have started to enforce their rights and freedom. The governments have understood that the new world has new problems and require unique solutions. The decade-old laws, constitutions, and resolutions won’t work in the progress and development of the country. It is crucial to target the new avenues to build your economy and move forward with the pace of time.

We all are well aware of the new Saudi Vision 2030 plan put forward by Saudi Arabia for its progress and development. The basic idea was to shift their oil dependence and diversify their economy. They understood timely that the future of oil is decreasing with time, and the countries who have built strong ties with other nations and promoted tourism in specific have reached new heights.

To follow the same suit, the country started Saudi tourism visas, allowing people across the world to visit the country. Since the country was ultra-conservative, new laws were put forward that brought the freedom to the nation to exercise their wishes openly. It is on the same grounds that various festivals and art events are organized one after another.

But with the massive flow of tourists and foreigners in the country comes the requirement to change some laws such as the payments through Saudi Banks. What is this law? Why it’s needed to be replaced? What have the authorities thought about it? Read all about in the article below.

Earlier Umrah, Hajj, Visit visa visitors who were unable to pay use SADAD function in KSA 

Millions of people come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj, Umrah, pilgrimage, trade, and tourism. During their stay, the traders, industrialists, and even foreign tourists make different transactions. However, due to a lack of bank accounts in Saudi Arabia, they are forced to hire people to pay the fees which have bank accounts in the state. 

One of the issues that the above mentioned visa holders used to face in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to get the assistance of Saudi citizens or Saudi expats while paying any government fees, recharge of mobile balance and similar other issues of transactions. Now based on the below mentioned change will offer great help to these visitors. Read more: Health Insurance is compulsory for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims

SADAD can facilitate transactions

According to the newspaper 24, the official of Al-Mu’afaat Al-Saudia Company said,

Visitors who do not have bank accounts in Saudi Arabia will be facilitated using the SADAD system to pay Saudi bills.

Is the implementation of the statement begin?

No, the implementation is yet to start. In a conversation with Al-Qaeda, the executive director of the company Ziyad Al-Yusuf said,

The company is evaluating how much it will benefit from the facility. Implementation of the proposal will be initiated on positive results.

How will SADAD facilitate transactions for foreigners?

According to Ziyad al-Yusuf,

The company will soon be connecting the network of communications to the Al Qaeda network under the Al-Khalijiya system. This will facilitate major remittances to central banks of GCC countries.

Similar steps must be taken to facilitate foreigners. It is the wise treatment of the government authorities that lead to the successful implementation of visions like Saudi Vision 2030 towards progress and development. Read more: Travelers to Saudi Arabia can now carry cigarettes as per the new law

The SADAD system will not only open a platform for smooth pilgrimage and tourism but assist industrialists and traders to invest and work effectively. Share the breakthrough news in your circle and let us know what you feel about it?

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