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Traffic fine against spitting and throwing trash outside vehicle in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Vision 2030 Initiatives

The Saudi vision 2030 is touching its extreme and contributing towards the betterment of the economy and the welfare of the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats living inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Vision 2030 is now taking new shape and slowly and steadily bringing the Arab nation into the 21st century.

Vision 2030 has several other goals as well, however, one of the principal objectives is keeping the and maintaining the civic discipline and especially when it comes to maintain the traffic discipline and cleanliness of the public properties.

Throwing trash or spitting from the vehicles strictly disallowed

According to the Directorate General of Traffic, the Saudi citizens and the Saudi expats are strictly disallowed and it’s altogether prohibited to spit outside the car. Read more: SR 300 Fine For a Child Below 10, Sitting on the Front Seat of a Vehicle

As per the directions issued, throwing trash from the vehicles are also prohibited and strict measures will be adopted against the litterbug (a person who carelessly drops litter in a public place).

Penalty of SAR 150 against spitting and litterbugs

According to sources, the Traffic Department was receiving complaints and suggestions from citizens demanding punishment for litterbugs. Read more: Penalties on Using Cell Phones And Bluetooth Devices While Driving in Saudi Arabia

According to the Directorate General of Traffic, any violator who commits the aforementioned violation of the law will be subject to the fine of SAR 150. Read more: Saudi Interior Ministry Launches E-Complaint Service for Traffic Fine

Therefore, keeping in view of the said directions, the traffic police stated that such violators will immediately be fined and it is mandatory for Saudi Citizens and Saudi expats to co-operate and respect the standards of public behavior.

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Source: Arab News

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