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Saudi Airline Announces to Ban Carrying Certain Items

Restrictions on carrying certain items in your luggage vary from airline to airline. It also depends on the flight you are travelling on i.e. domestic or international. These restrictions are applied due to the safety of the people travelling on the airplane and staff providing them with safe travel.

A New Restriction has been Implemented by Saudi Airline

Saudi Airline has said that passengers are not allowed to carry honey in their luggage. By luggage they mean the small bags carried by the passenger known as hand carry and the bags booked before the flight to be received at their desired destination. Read more: Saudi Airlines Launches an Online Service to Buy Extra Luggage

According to the Sources

The Saudi airline as saying that a man had asked the airline’s Twitter ‘ban on carrying honey on the airline’. The airline responded by saying,

According to the policy, passengers are not allowed to carry honey. Honey cannot be carried in either hand carry or cargo.

What’s the Reason Behind Banning Honey in Particular?

However, the reason for the ban was not disclosed. It should be noted that under the International Aviation Policy, it is prohibited to carry passengers in “Power Bank” cargo baggage. Read more: List of Baggage and Cabin Allowance of 16 Major Airlines from Saudi Arabia

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