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Saudi Airlines Launches an Online Service to Buy Extra Luggage

baggage allowed from Saudi Arabia

The criteria on how many bags you can carry and for potential relevant charges are set by airlines. These rules-vary depending on the status of the frequent flyer, the item you have actually bought and the journey you travel on.

The following details will help you better understand the guidelines for checked and carry-on baggage a in the Saudi Arabia.

Passengers are Allowed to Carry Two (2) Bags

Saudi Arabian Airlines has clarified the procedure for carrying extra bags for passengers.

 Passengers on Saudi flights are usually allowed to carry two (2) bags.

Can you Carry an Extra bag?

According to the sources, a passenger had inquired from Saudi Arabia that “he had the right to carry two (2) bags for reservation. Can I have a third bag with me”?

  • Additional money will be charged for this.

An Additional Equipment Rental table is Available on the Website

Saudi Arabia responded on its Twitter account by saying that,

A new menu has been added on the website with named ‘Additional Baggage fees’. It can be viewed via the link. For this (Click here) option should be used.

Procedure for Carrying Extra Luggage

Al-Saudia said that, In order to carry extra bags, visit the website and select ‘Additional baggage fees’.

Once the process is complete, you will be able to carry additional baggage.

By following the above criteria, you can carry your extra stuff easily in your flight, without any stress.

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