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Saudi Ambassador fulfills Algerian Woman’s wish to perform Hajj

Islam is the world’s second largest religion according to a study carried out in 2019. There are five basic pillars of Islam and Hajj is one of them. Every year Muslims from all over the world gather in the Holy city of Makkah to perform Hajj from 8 to 12 Dhu al-Hijjah (last month of Islamic calendar). Hajj is made compulsory for Muslims once in their life if they have the resources to perform Hajj.

For this purpose, Muslims who do not have the money yet have the desire to perform Hajj save money throughout their life to save enough money for bearing the expense of Hajj. While performing Hajj Muslims ask for forgiveness of their sins and for the happiness and prosperity for themselves and their acquaintances. Millions of Muslims travel from all over the world to perform Hajj every year.

Most of the time our headlines enlighten the topics of different travel stories or of different discoveries made around the world every now and then. Today, this article shows the story of a women who wished for Hajj and how her wish was granted. This article illustrates how intensely she desired to perform Hajj, what were hurdles in her way and how her intense wish for performing Hajj was granted. Let’s have a read.

Algerian Woman’s Interview by SPA

According to Saudi news agency SPA, the local news channel interviewed an Algerian old woman who had intense wish to perform Hajj. According to the news agency, this old woman had been applying for performing Hajj for last 15 years. She applied every year since 2005 but her name didn’t come in the draw. Read more: Tunisian Girl becomes the first woman to reach Makkah on a Bicycle

Algerian Woman’s Feelings About her Wish of Hajj

In the interview the old woman was so overwhelmed by her emotions that she busted into tears. She told the interviewer in tears that she now has the feeling that her dream of performing Hajj will ever become a reality or not. Surely, 15 years is a lifetime. As she is growing older, she thinks that her dream of Hajj is fading away. Read more: Lucky Security Guard awarded 200,000 Riyals by Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad

The video Goes Viral

The Saudi news agency SPA on-aired the interview on the local news channel. Consequently, the video was viral on the social media as local people were very much impressed by the strong intention of old woman to go on the pilgrimage.

Video noticed by Algeria-based Saudi ambassador

As the video went viral it also went through the eyes of Abdul Aziz Al-Amerini, Saudi ambassador appointed in Algeria. as he watched the video, he was much impressed by the struggle of the old woman. He immediately ordered to issue the Hajj visa for old Algerian woman so that she can perform Hajj this year 2020. Indeed, the interview of the Algerian woman became the mean to bring her dream of performing Hajj into reality. Read more: A Beautiful Journey of Father & Son Travelled to Makkah on the Motorbike

For every dream to become true we need consistent struggle as illustrated by this Algerian woman. As a Muslim, we all should aim to do our Ibadat with full devotion and humbleness. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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