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Saudi Arabia allows Direct Flights from Pakistan

Corona pandemic caused different countries to close their borders including Saudi Arabia. However, with time it opened its borders to several countries while the remaining had to spend 14 days in those countries before entering the Kingdom. The Saudi Interior Ministry says travellers from six more countries, including Pakistan, have been allowed to enter the country directly. Which countries are added to this list? Do they have to quarantine themselves after arriving?

Which Countries are Allowed to Travel Directly to Saudi Arabia?

The travellers coming from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, and Vietnam will be able to travel directly to Saudi Arabia without having to stay in another country for 14 days. According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, due to precautionary measures against the corona virus, travellers from Pakistan and India, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, and Brazil, who had not received both doses of the vaccine in the country were not allowed to enter the kingdom directly.

From when will they be Allowed to Enter Kingdom Directly?

Travellers from these countries, including Pakistan, will be allowed to enter the country directly from Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Pakistan’s national airline PIA has said that it is ready to operate flights and bookings will begin as soon as a written announcement is made.

Will the Passengers have to Quarantine themselves after Arriving in the Kingdom?

The Interior Ministry said,

Passengers from these countries will have to spend five days in quarantine, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against coronavirus in their home countries.

All passengers must abide by the prescribed rules.                               


PCR test before Travelling

Those coming from abroad must undergo PCR tests from the approved laboratory at most 72 hours in advance and must submit the reports to the concerned institution.

Quarantine and a Booster Dose upon Arriving in the Country

Passengers arriving in the country will have to stay in Hotel Quarantine for five days and on the fifth day they will have to undergo further corona test, if their report is negative then they will be exempted from quarantine. However, the travellers from these countries will be given a booster dose of the corona vaccine provided here upon arrival in the country.

Registration on the “Qadoom” Portal

The regulations require that before arriving in the country, one should register on the Qadoom portal of the Interior Ministry’s digital platform ‘Abshar’, which should contain the details of the vaccine, which defines vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

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