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Saudi Arabia Allows Expatriate Teachers to Enter into the Kingdom

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The recent outbreak of coronavirus caused several issues in the world. A lock down was imposed globally to protect the people from this deadly virus. Along with the lock down, all other departments like educational institutes, offices and airports were also closed as a precautionary measure.

However, as the conditions are gradually returning to normal in the kingdom the government announced to open these institutes. In Saudi Arabia, foreign teachers from private schools have been given conditional permission to return to the country. To know more, read the article below.

What Precautions will be Taken for the Travel of these Teachers?

They will have to undergo PCR before starting the return journey and submit the test report 48 hours before the journey. Only teachers who are free from Corona in the test will be allowed to travel.

Isolation Period

However, they will also have to live in house isolation upon their arrival in the country.

Why are these Foreign Teachers Returning to the Country?

According to the local newspaper that the Minister of Education had written a letter to the Minister of Health regarding the return of non-Saudi teachers from private international and foreign schools, in which he asked foreign teachers to return to Saudi Arabia. So that the educational process can continue as usual.

What Other Instructions are Given by the Education Department?

Ministry of Education officials say the private education institution has asked the education department in the Riyadh region to contact the owners of private and international schools and those in charge of foreign schools. They should be instructed to refer their teaching staff to the Saudi embassies and consulates to complete the repatriation process.

The Saudi government announced the lifting of the lock down and the opening of the educational institutes. However, it may continue virtually. This decision was taken so that the educational process can continue normally. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Share this news with your friends and family. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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