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Saudi Arabia and UAE to issue joint visa soon for Tourists

Working on the Saudi Vision 2030, the kingdom is heavily focused on its tourism. May it be the different festivals or the concerts they are arranging nationwide, Saudi Arabia has put in every effort to shift their economy from oil onto tourism. Want to know about what’s new cooking in town? Then read the article below to know what new announcements are made for the people worldwide.

Who made the New Announcement?

The new announcement is made by UAE Minister of Economy in Future Investment Initiative (FII) happened on 31st October in Riyadh, attended by 6,000 people across the world.

What is the New Announcement?

According to the media reports, UAE and Saudi Arabia are underway in bringing a new joint visa between UAE and the kingdom for the tourists or visitors. According to the Minister of economy said,

This initiative aims at taking advantage of the enormous potential and great measures taken by Saudi Arabia to facilitate the entry of tourists to the Kingdom.

When it will be implemented?

The joint visa is expected to be enforced by 2020. Mansoori said,

This is among the initiatives that have been developed and approved by the concerned authorities. Officials from the UAE and Saudi Arabia are currently holding joint meetings to work out the regulations for implementing this initiative.

What will be the benefit of the joint visa?

According to the announcement,

The implementation of the initiative will benefit national companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and will give much stronger drive to cooperation and coordination between them. It will also revitalize the tourism sector as well as airports and hotels.

Commenting further on the prevailing announcement by the relevant authorities, it was highlighted that the number of flights between UAE and Saudi Arabia is not sufficient and they need to be doubled to initiate the announcement. 

What will be the impact on the visitor’s ratio?

According to Saudi media reports,

  • Around 24,000 foreigners visited Saudi Arabia since the new tourist visa system went into effect on September 27.
    • Saudi foreign ministry data speaks that visitors from China have topped the list with 7,391, followed by citizens of the UK and the US with 6,159 and 2,132 respectively.
  • Saudi Arabia envisages 100 million visitors annually by 2030 against 41 million at present.

Is a joint visa, the biggest concern of the moment?

It was clarified about the concern of the importance of joint visa by saying,

It is one of the main initiatives that are being focused at present, given the keenness and directives of the leadership of both the countries on the tourism sector as well as on the increase in the proportion of its contribution to the gross national product (GNP) of the two countries.

Source: Gulf News

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