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Saudi Arabia Announces Temporary Suspension from 20 Countries

The restriction imposed recently by the authority related to the entrance in the malls and the Govt offices without registering in Tawakalna APP. Since last couple of days the number of COVID 19 cases have really risen up to 300. Probably this is one of the causes where the Kingdom feels to take certain precautionary measures and tighten up things in order to reduce the said cases to its minimum level.

The Recent Announcement by the Ministry

The Ministry of interior has announced to temporarily suspension of  entry to the Kingdom for expatriates, except diplomats, health practitioners and their families for those coming from 20 countries, starting at 9 pm on Wednesday 3/2/2021.

List of Countries

Our those readers who have recently subscribed to our website and Facebook page, it is notified to them that the Saudi Arabia actually closed all its air, land and sea borders internationally and stopped all the incoming and outgoing of the Saudi Citizens, however, only Saudi expats were allowed to go back to their country based on meeting certain criteria (COVID-19 Test and Self-Quarantine for certain days after returning back from their home country).

It was a long awaited decision which the Saudi citizens and the Saudi expats were waiting to be announced. There are certain nationalities like Indians were completely disallowed from coming back to Saudi Arabia as the COVID 19 patient rates were quite high in India and the Saudi Govt as a proactive measure restricted their entrance in order to minimize the effect of COVID-19 spread effect. After the above news, it is really a very pleasant and happy moment to all of them who wish to visit their own country after a long time. 

Earlier Suspension of International Flights for 2 Weeks

Initially all international flights were suspended for a week, starting from Dec 20, 2020, as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the citizens and Saudi expats working in Saudi Arabia However, the kingdom extended the temporary suspension for another week. However, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that “Some flights will be allowed in exceptional circumstances.”

Source: SPA

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