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Saudi Arabia Announces that Saudi Expats from 25 Countries Allow to Return to Saudi Arabia

As the Coronavirus is being controlled and everything is getting back to normal. Saudi Airlines has announced regulations for passengers returning to the kingdom, with SOPs issued, requiring passengers returning to Saudi Arabia to stay in home isolation for seven (7) days. The guidelines are based on the directives issued by the health authorities in Saudi Arabia, and also include the requirements for travelling to 25 countries.

The Regulation is set by The Ministry of Health

According to the source, Saudi Airlines as saying that passengers coming to the kingdom must follow the rules issued by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health has issued an ‘affidavit’ in this regard in which every passenger has to strictly adhere to seven points.

The (7) seven points are:

S.No. Details
1 The affidavit must clearly state the passenger’s name, address, residence number, country of origin, flight number and date of arrival.
2 The affidavit stipulates that the passenger should fill-up the form and submit it at the relevant counter of the Ministry of Health as soon as he/she arrives at the airport of the country.
3 Every passenger will be required to isolate themselves for seven (7) days, while for health workers, the ban will be for three (3) days.
4 The Corona test report must also be submitted after the isolation period is over.
5 All passengers will register on the Ministry of Health’s app ‘Tatman’ and ‘Tawakalna’.
6 Passengers will provide their accommodation address on the ‘Tatman’ app within eight (8) hours of arrival.
7 Every incoming passenger will be required to check for signs of Coronavirus during the isolation period.

A Toll-free number is also set for emergency case

In case of any symptoms, the Ministry of Health will immediately call toll free number 937 or the emergency department of the nearest health centre.

Passengers will have to submit a daily report on the Satisfaction app. Article 7 of the affidavit states that every passenger will be bound to take full care of the SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health.

 The guidelines and requirements include the following:

  • All guests must complete and sign the health conditions requirements commitment form and deliver it to the airport health control center upon arrival.
  • All guests will undergo home self-quarantine for seven days (three days for health practitioners with a negative sample at the end of the quarantine period).
  • All guests must install and register in Tatman and Tawakalna applications.
  • All guests must locate their home on Tatman app within eight hours of arrival.
  • Guests should monitor the symptoms of the coronavirus and call 937 immediately if any of the symptoms appear, or visit the health center or emergency when necessary.
  • Guests should log in to Tatman app every day and perform a daily health check.
  • Guests should comply with the precautionary measures according to the health conditions requirements commitment form.

List of Countries will Allow to Travel to Saudi Arabia

Saudia also announced the requirements for travelling to the following 25 countries:

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Kuwait
  3. Oman
  4. Bahrain
  5. Egypt
  6. Lebanon
  7. Morocco
  8. Tunisia
  9. China
  10. UK
  11. Italy
  12. Germany
  13. France
  14. Austria
  15. Turkey
  16. Greece
  17. Bangladesh
  18. Philippines
  19. Malaysia
  20. South Africa
  21. Sudan
  22. Ethiopia
  23. Kenya
  24. Nigeria and Indonesia

However, authorities have not set a final date for foreigners to return to Saudi Arabia.

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