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Saudi Arabia Announces the Date of Starting International Flights

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suspended all international flights to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The Ministry assured that everything will be normal as soon as the situation gets normal. According to them the situation is about to get normal so they decided that the lock-down is about to be lifted. The International flights are about to start.

The Recent Announcement by the Ministry

The ministry of Interior has announced that,

Saudi Arabia will start operating international flights from January 01, 2021. 

The Ministry further said that,

Airports, ports and border checkpoints will be opened from January 1, 2021. It’s also cited that Saudi citizens would be able to come abroad, while Saudi expats on exit visas would be allowed to return to Saudi Arabia. Saudi expats with an exit or residency or visa will be allowed to come to Saudi Arabia.

Who can enter into the Kingdom after Sept 15, 2020

Exempted groups from the decision who will be allowed to enter and exit the Kingdom before January 1 include GCC citizens, non-Saudi visa holders, ill Saudis who need treatment abroad, Saudi students, diplomats and businessmen. However, they need to show a negative PCR test before boarding flights or entering the kingdom’s sea and land ports.

The Precautions will still be taken care of

The Civil Aviation Authority implemented earlier a system of preventive measures as a result of the Coronavirus in airports, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, and worked to implement a package of measures within Saudi airports in order to take all health and preventive measures, as the authority continues on a daily basis to sterilize and disinfect all airport lounges and facilities.

The situation is about under control but it can again get worse if we didn’t take proper precautions. We must try to stay at home as much as possible and should not leave our homes until to necessary. Before leaving our homes wear mask and gloves, use hand sanitizers on the go and keep a suitable distance.

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