Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Announces to Cancel International Flights for 2 weeks from March 15

Every day the situation of the Coronavirus becomes worst. Another hour, another minute Coronavirus (Covid-19) has become the biggest headline with rapidly changing economic, social, and mental challenges around the globe.

With countries like china known as 3rd superpower is feeling helpless and trying its best to combat the deadly disease, other countries believe in taking the necessary precautionary steps to avoid the incidence of the lethal virus in the country. Saudi Arabia is very keen on protecting its citizens from coronavirus, which is depicted by the various statements and orders passed by the authorities over a while, from restricting traveling to avoiding gathering at mosques.

Recently the country gave 72 hours for Saudi expats and citizens to come back to the Kingdom. We have highlighted in our previous article how the country has given flexibility for the travelers to reach the Kingdom as per convenience without wasting an extra penny. However, a new order has been passed regarding travelers. What is it about? Read all about it in the article below.

The New Order Cancels all the International Flights for 2 Weeks

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Ministry of Interior issued a statement today saying,

In view of the precautionary measures taken by the relevant agencies for the prevention of the Coronavirus and the safety of citizens and Saudi expats, it has been decided to suspend flights.

When will the New Order be Implemented?

According to the Ministry orders,

Suspension of flights for international travelers will begin on Sunday, 15 March, at 11 am.

The Ministry of Interior has clarified that those who have not returned due to suspension of flights will be considered on special leave from offices and jobs. Read more: Ministry of Health Announces Facility to Take Online Appointment for Persons having Symptoms of CoVid-19

Why does the Interior Ministry Pass this New Order?

Even though the entire European Union and 50 other countries in Asia and Africa were added to a list of countries in which travel to and from the Kingdom is suspended. However, still, on Friday, 24 new cases of CoVID-19 infections were reported in the Kingdom, raising the total to 86. Under these circumstances, the Kingdom announced the much-needed break to restrict the virus. Read more: Saudi Arabia Temporarily Bans 50 Countries from Travelling to the Kingdom

Will any Exemption be Added for Travelers to Fly to the Kingdom?

Answering this all urgent query the Ministry has said that,

All international flights will be suspended for two (2) weeks, with special conditions exempted. Those who are allowed to return under special humanitarian immunity will be kept in quarantine at the Ministry of Health Centers or in their own homes for a fixed period.

When can the Exempted Cases Travel through the Kingdom?

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the Civil Aviation Authority, and other relevant parties, will arrange for the arrival of citizens who wish to return to the Kingdom, and the appropriate procedures will soon be announced. The ministry said that,

After the suspension of flights, the government will launch special flights to evacuate its citizens who are trapped in different countries.

Not only International Flights but Marriages and Gatherings have been Called Off

Earlier, The Ministry of Health advised the public to avoid holding official or social parties and events with more than 50 attendees. However, as per the recommendations by the health authorities in the Kingdom to protect the citizens and ensure safety, a new statement has been passed by the ministry of interior according to which, “Saudi Arabia suspended events in wedding halls, rest houses, event venues and in hotels, as part of efforts to prevent the spread coronavirus in the Kingdom.” Read more: Saudi Expats and Citizens will be Fined up to SR.500,000 for Failing to Disclose their Health Issues

Are Movies Screened in the Cinemas or Not?

According to Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Wednesday, the General Authority for Audiovisual Media announced the suspension of film screenings in cinemas until further notice.

Precautionary Measures for Offices and Other Working Areas

Since the working of different sectors and departments cannot be called off. Therefore, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development issued several guidelines for employees in the public and private sectors as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These include,

  • Prevent contacts with employees coming from corona-hit countries for 14 days.
  • Continuous sterilization of frequently used areas such as.
  • Fingerprint devices.
  • Offices.
  • Reception counter.
  • Photocopy machines.
  • Doors.
  • Keyboards.
  • Availability of hand sanitizers at workplaces and availability of masks for people with a runny nose or cough.
  • Minimizing the number of meetings, workshops, training courses, and gatherings.
  • Enhancing the frequency of video conferences and activating remote work.
  • Encouraging staff to consult a doctor early when any symptoms of the disease appear, such as coughing or high temperature or cold symptoms.
  • Asking the virus-suspected staff to disclose it and visit the doctor and giving sick leave if necessary.
  • Encourage regular hand-washing and avoid handshakes.
  • Displaying posters that promote healthcare.
  • Leave at least one-meter distance between employees in the workplace.
  • Report any infected cases by contacting the Ministry of Health Call Center No. 937.

All of us need to follow the guidelines given by the authorities as they are for our security and health. For more updates, subscribe to us and share the article with your fellows.

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