Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Announces to Open Masjid Al-Haram & Masjid-e-Nabwi for Tawaf Soon

Coronavirus has become a household name by threatening the people across the globe. From international shutdowns to city-wise lock-downs, the world is facing major tremors. The economy of every country is shattered. Where the poor people are now at the verge of starvation and death, the rich are feeling panicked bound in houses.

China gave a ray of hope by eliminating Coronavirus through Wuhan but unfortunately, it re-emerged in different cities of China. In a rough estimate more than 2 million people got unemployed through Coronavirus in USA. Saudi Arabia took firm stand and suspended congregation prayers in Mosques and imposed a curfew to limit gatherings and chances of Coronavirus pandemic. It was first time in many years that the Mataf was empty.

People hoped that before Ramadan the beauty of the two holy Mosques will be regained. Unfortunately, nothing happened like that. However, it seems like the days of emptiness are gone. Why is it so? Read in the article below.

Taraweeh and Tawaf to Restart from Mid of Ramadan

In a recent circular, Abdul Al-Rahma Al-Sudais, the custodian of the two holy grand mosques said that soon the suspension on taraweeh and tawaf will be dismissed allowing people to perform supplications in the two holy mosques.

I bring the good news to the fellow Muslims that things will come back to normal of the two holy mosques soon. The two holy mosques will be opened for Tawaaf and normal prayers and Salutations to the holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

When will the Two Holy Mosques Open?

According to the rumors circulating on social media that the two holy mosques will be open for people on 8th or 9th or Ramadan. However, the rumors were denied by the authorities regarding the date of opening of two holy mosques.

Why was the Two Mosques Closed for People?

The two mosques were closed due to the on-going pandemic in the world which is contagious in nature.

Why are the Two Mosques taking Time in Reopening?

According to Sheikh Sudais,

We are not in a haste to open the two holy mosques because all the measures are for our well being.

What did Sheikh Sudais Advised the People?

Sheikh Sudais advised people saying,

Again, we enjoin all Muslims to continue to pray against the pandemic, pray for the leaders (The custodian of the two holy mosques) while taking note that all they are doing is for our well being.

May this ongoing pandemic ends soon so everything can get back to normal. We wish a safe and sound Ramadan to all of you. Stay tuned for more information.

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