Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Announces to Temporarily Suspend all Local Transportation for 14 days

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is the new talk of the town. With more than 162 countries affected and thousands of lives gone essential steps must be taken for its precaution and prevention. The states have officially banned traveling to and fro from the affected countries to avoid any Coronavirus affected case in their country.

Similarly, the N-95 masks are available in every shop and market with necessary precaution guidelines on the internet to mark people safe from this deadly disease. Recently, Saudi Arabia took a significant step and restricted any pilgrimage in Makkah and Madinah to avoid gathering and chances of Coronavirus.

The country is trying its level best to have no case of Coronavirus. Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement to suspends domestic flights, trains, buses and taxis.

The New Announcement to Suspend all Local Transportation

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that,

Saudi Arabia is suspending domestic flights, trains, buses and taxis for 14 days starting from 6:00 am Saturday March 21,2020 due to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

Will all Domestic Flights be Canceled?

According to the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) that,

Only flights related to humanitarian cases, medical evacuation aircraft and private aviation would be provided the necessary permits only.

Will all Local Buses be Suspended?

According to the report, buses belonging to government agencies or public or private health facilities, and commercial establishments transporting their employees, or those that are used for health, humanitarian or security purposes are exempted from the ban.

Will all Local Taxis be Suspended?

The Saudi Press Agency said that all bus and taxi operators are obliged to obey the suspension order so as not to suffer penalties.

Will all Local Trains be Suspended?

Affected in the train services suspension are the Riyadh-Dammam line through Abqaiq and Hofuf, the Riyadh-Jawf line through the Majmaa, Al-Qassim and Hail, and the Haramain Express.

Allowed to continue operating are commercial transport trains, including the freight train between King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam and the Dry Port in Riyadh, and the mining train of the Saudi Railways Company “Saar”.

Transport ferries between Jazan and Farasan Island may also continue operating, but the number of passengers would be reduced to 100 people per trip, “taking into account the employees and residents of Farsan Island, and not allowing travel through them for tourist purposes.”

Cargo ships will be allowed to continue with their usual program, provided that the crews take all precautions to limit the transmission of infection.

Transportation related to vital sectors such as health, services and basic commodities such as food, energy, water and communications, etc., air freight and necessary security transfers will not be affected by the temporary ban, said the SPA report.

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