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Saudi Arabia approves amendments to premium residency plan

Under the Saudi Vision 2030, various amendments are made by the higher authorities in the rules and regulations to assist tourism and shift its economy and facilitate the modernization. Different rules are made flexible, whereas new rules are added in the book to make the 2030 overall aim a reality.

We have already read and seen the changes in the Saudi Arabia to attain the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives including from giving the nationality to the foreigners to allowing women to drive, now what more is in the box for the people in the kingdom, it is written in detail in the article below. Give a read and comment on what you feel about them in the comment section below.

What is the amendment in the residency system?

According to the amendments approved by the Shoura Council on Monday, if the holder of the family residence permit dies, the wife and children can avail of several privileges such as a one-year premium residency in the kingdom until the residency permit or Iqama expires. According to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Council approved the addition of a new paragraph, Paragraph 3, in Article 11 of the premium residency regulation.

How was the decision being approved by the officials?

According to the representative of the Shoura Council,

“The Council took its decision after hearing the report of the Security Affairs Committee on the amendment that was read by the committee’s Chairman Air Force Maj. Gen. Ali Asiri.”

The approval in the private health Institutions

The Shoura Council made an important decision regarding the private health institutions by changing paragraph two of article three in the private health institutions regulation. Read more: Procedure to apply online Saudi Green Card (Premium Residency)

Why did the Council decide on changing the law?

The Council took the article 2, taking into consideration article 17 of the Shoura council system after hearing the Health Committee report on the amendment, which was returned to the Council. The report was read by the Chairman of the Committee, in the presence of Minister of State and Cabinet Member for Shoura Council Affairs. Read more: Cost, benefits and limitations of Saudi green card for Saudi expats

Actually, to make Saudi Arabia a developed and progressive nation by 2030, the kingdom approved the proposal to amend the child protection regulation. Read more: Termination, Rights and Requirements of Saudi Green Card

Shoura also approved another decision to dismiss the approval of the draft regulation for transporting Umrah pilgrims to the Kingdom and back to their countries.

Why is the regulation for transportation of pilgrims canceled?

The Shoura took an important decision under which the draft regulation for transporting Umrah pilgrims to the kingdom and back to their countries was canceled. Read more: Saudi green card holders can stay in Saudi Arabia for 60 days after PPR cancellation

The decision was made after the detailed review of Saudi Vision 2030, the National Transformation Plan (NTP) and services provided to pilgrims. The services under consideration was as mentioned below:

  • Several initiatives to develop the transportation services offered to Haj and Umrah pilgrims and;
  • As well as the updated executive plan for NTP, which facilitates the movement of Umrah pilgrims.

Different amendments are still underway while others are being discussed. The citizens of the kingdom will inevitably face a blow of change after the various modifications being implemented. It is the time to think about how these amendments will be implemented and what will be the after long effects of these changes in the lives of the citizens as well as to the whole economy of the kingdom. What are your thoughts on it?

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