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Saudi Arabia Approves the New Law for the Fees of Renewal of Saudi Iqama

The new employment law is crucial to improve the labor market in the country. The Ministry of Labor has assured that the ’employment contract’ will be more important in the new employment law than ‘sponsorship’. The employer will not have the right to ban travel without the worker’s consent or to work elsewhere. In case of any query regarding new employment law, read the complete news below.

The Recent Announcement

Saudi Arabia has approved the issuance and renewal of residency permits (Saudi Iqamas) along with work permits quarterly (every three (3) months).

Who is Exempted from the New Law

The new law will not be implemented on domestic workers and related professional categories.

Employment contract will be linked through the Abshar system!

The employment contract will be linked through the Abshar system so that the parties can abide by it and in case of any dispute, the document can be submitted to the concerned agency.

Al-Harbi added that,

The worker would have the right of exit re-entry or final exit after the expiration of the agreement.

The member will also be obliged to leave the country if he / she does not get a job in any other institution or company within the stipulated period.

Clarification of Ministry for the New Contract

The employer and the employee will have a basic relationship with the employment contract which will be binding on both of them while the worker will have the right to withdraw his / her exit through Abshar account. To obtain an entry visa, however, the necessary conditions for this process will be set.

The parties will be bound to abide by the work agreement. In case of any dispute, the matter will be referred to the Labor Court. To switch from one company to another, no divergence between Saudi or Foreign workers!

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