Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Temporarily Bans 50 Countries from Travelling to the Kingdom

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Corona Virus (Covid-19) is emerging as a threat to life across the globe. Hundreds and thousands of affected people, gradual death scale have terrorized everyone. People are getting conscious and looking forward to every call made by the health authorities for the precaution and prevention of this deadly virus.

From free mask to health camps to detect the cases, from banning free travel to every country to the necessary helpline and free advice, the government is making sure to protect its local citizens & Saudi expats. The biggest news was when Saudi Arabia took a sharp take on the corona-virus and restricted travelling to and fro the kingdom.

However, with time the country has shown a little flexibility. But with 15 cases of corona-virus reported in the kingdom, the government has taken a stringent call and ban travelling of 50 countries. Which countries are included? Is it just a restriction to airports or complete ban? Read all about it in the article below.

Corona-virus Halts Travel Access of 50 Countries to the Kingdom

The whole world is under the red alarm. Every country is trying its best to stay safe from the deadly disease. Saudi Arabia is among many others who are thinking about their local citizens & Saudi expats and trying by hook and crook to safe citizens & Saudi expats from corona-virus. As a part of precaution, the country has banned travelling to 50 countries. This decision will apply to all the Saudi nationals as well as Saudi expats living in the country. Read more: Saudi Authorities Announces to Limit Friday Prayer at Mosques to 15 Minutes Only

Saudi Expats and Saudi Citizens can Return Back to Saudi Arabia within 72 Hour

The Ministry of Interior said that,

Saudi citizens and Saudi expats who are currently residing in the above mentioned countries and who have valid residency of the Kingdom can return back to Saudi Arabia within 72-hour before the travel suspension decision becomes effective.

Which Countries are Banned from Travelling?

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the interior ministry has decided to ban travel to or from the following countries:


Why has the Decision taken to Ban these Specific Countries?

According to the statement released by the Ministry of Interior,

The countries mentioned above should be banned from time to time on the recommendations of the Joint Committee on Anti-Corona and as a part of the efforts to prevent the virus.

What Directives are Forwarded by the Ministry to the Authorities?

The directive sent by the ministry said that, After the immediate implementation of the decision, no Saudi citizen or Saudi expat living in the country can go to these countries and Saudi expats staying in these countries for the last 14 days cannot come to Saudi Arabia. Read more: Saudi Arabia to Temporarily Close School & Universities from Monday March 09, 2020

All means of Access will be Banned between these 50 countries

The ministry has clearly stated that, Saudi Arabia has also decided to suspend aviation, maritime and travel with the countries mentioned above, however, this does not apply to instances of evacuation, trade and shipping purposes provided that necessary precautions are taken. Read more: Saudi Expats Holding Iqama or New Work Visa Can Enter KSA Under One Condition

The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health have the authority to exempt travel on a humanitarian basis. But these circumstances, as an overall, is a big blow for the country like Saudi Arabia who was planning to shift the economy to tourism. Let’s hope that the world copes up with the deadly disease so that everything can be brought back to normal. Read more: Saudi Arabia Bans Local Citizens & Saudi Expats to Perform Umrah

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