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Saudi Arabia bans public bonfires


What is Bonfire?

The Meaning of Bonfire is “a large open-air fire used for burning rubbish or as part of a celebration”. Bonfire is normally used when the families gather in a large number outside in a park, any other picnic place or a place where there is a desert or near to a coastal area where there are no available lights during their stay in the night.

No More Bonfire Allowed in Public Places

Recently, the Saudi authorities have banned and strictly disallowed for any sort of bonfires in gardens and other public places. This step or measure has been taken for safety reasons and vowed to fine offenders. By the way, the practice of setting off fires for cooking in public areas is common in Saudi Arabia as part of outings, preparing food during a picnic and especially cooking BAR B.Q.

The penalty in case of Violation of the Above Rule

The First-time violation of the ban is punishable by 100 Saudi riyals, which will increase to 200 riyals if repeated. Read more: List of Violations & Penalties for the Non-Compliance with Saudi Arabia Public Decorum Laws

The ministry said the fines against the act in non-designated public sites are part of regulations for public conduct that went into effect in the kingdom in September.

Penalty on violating the Public Decorum

The laws and regulations also restrict and strictly ban wearing “inappropriate” attire and acting immorally in public and playing loud music in residential areas. Offenders face fines ranging from 50 to 3,000 riyals, depending on the type of infringement.

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Source: Gulf News


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