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Saudi Arabia Celebrated Valentine’s Day for the First Time in its History

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year. With Valentine comes the necessary controversy of whether we should celebrate it or not. Many people simply take this day as a token of love for their loved ones, where others believe it promotes vulgarity and nothing more. Some suggest we should read the story behind this special day while others think that we should not go into the stick of right and wrong and enjoy any opportunity to celebrate love.

Twitter is always filled with dual hashtags while one was taking a stance of appreciation of love while the others considering it Haram in Islam. Among all these opinions, the day is yet waited to be celebrated and is celebrated in full swing. However, Saudi Arabia is an ultra-conservative country opposed to this day on the state level and prohibited the celebrations of it. Not only this, the expression of love and affection openly in the country was also banned.

You cannot have a romantic couple date or floral arrangement to propose your loved one publicly. But it seems the Saudi Vision 2030 launch has brought a breath of fresh air in the conservative country with an atmosphere of love and affection. How is it so? Read exclusively about the controversial remarks of the former president of Makkah in the article below.

Valentine’s Day Celebration is now Legal in Saudi Arabia

Valentine’s Day was once considered to be illegal in Saudi Arabia as it is against the traditions, culture, and religion of the country. According to the local media reports, the officials monitor the celebration, and if any anyone violates the law was arrested and fined. But it seems like it has been made legal in Saudi Arabia. People can now legally celebrate it by buying Flowers, Chocolates, and book restaurants. Read more: History and Islamic Perspective of Valentine’s Day

Is it Haram to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Islam?

According to the former president of Makkah’s CPVPC (Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice), Sheikh Ahmed Qasim Al-Ghamdi told the media.

Valentine’s Day isn’t against the teaching of Islam. It is the celebration that is the form of love, and everyone can celebrate it.

Where to dine in with your loved ones this Valentine’s?

Since Valentine’s Day is now legal in the country, the celebrations are in full swing. Restaurants are being the busiest hub for such festivals, along with flower and gift shops around the world. Now Saudi Arabia is a part of these celebrations, has started accommodating requests of a romantic nature such as engagement proposals and wedding anniversaries with cakes and flowers.

Do you know where to dine in with your special one on this day? If don’t worry, as we present the list of some of the best romantic restaurants in Riyadh and Jeddah.

  1. Okku

Situated in Riyadh, this multi-award-winning Japanese restaurant tops the list of romantic dine-in locations this valentine. Already being known for perfect ambiance and finest taste, Okku has added special deserts and seating of two for this Valentine. If you are in a plan to surprise your special one with flowers and gifts before evening, the restaurant can accommodate it as well.

  1. The Globe

Hitting at number two for the romantic date dine in is the highly aesthetic restaurant situated ta the highest point of Al-Faisaliah Tower. Known as one of the top high-end restaurants, te Globe allows you to enjoy your romantic dinner up in the sky with peace and romance. It offers a variety of food, drinks, and soft music to enjoy.

  1. Lusin

Looking for a different taste to romance with your special one? If yes, then visit Lusin, the chain restaurant located in both Riyadh and Jeddah, offering an Armenian flavor in the regular Arabic food to enjoy with background music and soft lightening. Their signature dishes are serving home-style meals with a lavish twist.

  1. Agave Restaurant & Café

Do you want your perfect evening at a beach with live music? If yes, then Agave restaurant and café situated at the coast of Jeddah allow you to mesmerize the outdoor sitting while you look at the sunset and express your affection. The perfect spot is known for its accommodation and hospitality. You can arrange special events and surprises for your loved one and make a memory remain forever.

  1. Shrimp Zone

Looking for an economic date with a variety of experiences? Then the shrimp zone is the right dine-in location in Jeddah for you which offers a fun and intimate dinner at your table with a variety of seafood options within your budget to enjoy your special evening

So, what are you waiting for?  Select an option, call for reservations, drive your loved one, and make the day worth a memory! We wish you a happy dine in. share the article so everyone can enjoy their Valentine’s at full swing as the country officially legalizes it.

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Source: Arab News

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