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Saudi Arabia inaugurated world’s largest waterfront

Under Saudi Vision 2030, the country aims to bring in tourism and attract visitors through its development and progress. New laws have been passed, different rules and regulations have started being implemented. Saudi Arabia remained in the news for the biggest headlines throughout 2019, and t continued in 2020.

Whether it is the lifting of ban from women driving to throwing expatriates out of their country from various sectors allowing Saudi citizens to hold the country’s economy. From inaugurating massive projects to forming new alleys in the country’s politics, Saudi Arabia has outdone itself.

Different tourist visas have been launched, and several festivals have been arranged to attract tourism. The primary aim is to shift the country’s oil dependence on diversity. Recently, the biggest news in 2020 is the launch of the waterfront in Saudi Arabia that has been rewarded as the largest waterfront in the kingdom. Who attended the launch ceremony? Where is the largest hub of tourism located? Read all the insight in the article below.

Million of Riyals on the largest waterfront of the kingdom

Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia is hooked to invest as much money as they can to attract tourism and build progress and development. Previously inaugurated waterfront on the coast of Asir go an opening launch ceremony. The highlight of the event was the amount of money invested on the waterfront. According to sources, roughly 500 million riyals have been spent to develop a waterfront with the latest technology and aesthetic measurements. Read more: Saudi Arabia inaugurated world’s highest dancing fountain in Riyadh

Where is the largest waterfront located?

The largest waterfront of Saudi Arabia is located in the Usar region of the kingdom at the shores of Asir. According to Al Arabiya Net, it covers an area of ​​2.4 million square meters. Read more: World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park Opens in Bahrain

Who inaugurated the waterfront in Usar?

The waterfront was inaugurated by Governor Asir, While expressing his gratitude, he said, 

“This is truly a shining example of the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030. This is a spokesman for the wishes of the servant Herman Sharifin Shah Salman and Rowley Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

It is time for developing countries to look forward to Saudi Arabia and promote their tourism to shift and stabilize their economy. The kingdom took a wise step looking at the future of oil and the crises the country already has to face due to the political scenarios and the conflicts of Iran. We look forward to the progress of the country and extend our wishes for their development. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section about how you feel about the timely decision of Saudi Vision 2030?

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Source: Al-Arabiya

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