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Saudi Arabia Launches E-System to Refund Umrah Fees

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With Corona Virus (C0VID-19) being the biggest threat of 2020, the ban on travelling to Saudi Arabia came as another big blow for Muslims and business around the globe. People weren’t expecting such a restriction on travelling to the kingdom however, the kingdom justifies it as a precautionary step to prevent from the deadly virus.

We all are well aware of the current situation of Iran, the Islamic council and other officials believe it is a good step and within the Islamic and Shoura laws. We have discussed in detail about which visa holders are restricted from travelling and under what conditions. But since, this time of the month was known for Umrah and Hajj applications and hundred thousand people are affected by the news.

Many of them had their flights booked, rest have their visa procedures done while other have paid their fees for the necessary applications. These people are tensed about the money they have invested as the kingdom has put a ban on travel. To resolve this issue, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has made a statement. What is the statement? Read in the article below.

Pilgrims can Refund their Umrah and Hajj Fees

The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has passed a statement according to which,

Umrah fees and service charges of pilgrims and visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque will be refunded, whose travel was affected following the Kingdom’s temporary suspension of their entry into the Kingdom over Corona-virus fears.

How can the Umrah and Hajj Fee be Refunded?

According to Saudi Press Agency, the Ministry said that there is an electronic system to request the refund of visa fees and service charges. To claim the refund fee the victims can contact the Umrah agents in the respective countries from where the pilgrims planned their pilgrimage. Read more: Saudi Arabia Suspends Entry for Umrah Pilgrimage due to Coronavirus

Or in case of any queries, they can contact the service center at the Ministry over phone number (00966-920002814) or email ID ([email protected])

Saudi Arabia has so far been not affected by the new Corona-virus (COVID-19) and is exerting all efforts to prevent the entry of the epidemic into the country with regular follow-ups and implementation of precautionary measures. All the Umrah, Hajj and Tourist visas and also GCC citizens are banned from travelling to the kingdom.

The national ID holders are allowed to travel with a necessary condition that they have not visited any affected country in 15 days or showed any symptoms of the deadly virus in the time being. It is highly important to take these steps to prevent the nation from such threatening disease.

However, it is unfortunate for the pilgrims who wished to visit the holy places in Makkah and Madinah. This van is not only affecting the pilgrims plans but also the country’s economy. We hope that the deadly disease soon gets its cure so that the ban can be lifted from travelling. Till then, please share our article and subscribe us for daily updates.

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