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Saudi Arabia to Ease Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

Developing countries tried their level best to avoid the spread of corona virus. And mostly were well trained that the companies are living to have. Corona virus is now under control as many countries followed the smart lockdown patterns and travel restriction. This allowed the world to control the rising number of patients of COVID-19.

During the Press Release they Informed the Citizens about the Dated of Implementation

Rumours arose about many things. Some said that the country will again to towards lockdown. We can afford until and unless the sir said to do so. Saudi Arabia has announced on Friday that it will start easing coronavirus-curbing restrictions and health precautions from Sunday, Oct. 17.

Grand Mosque will Operate in full Capacity

The Kingdom will allow the Grand Mosque in Makkah to operate at full capacity, but workers and visitors must continue always wearing face masks, an official source at the Ministry of Interior said. All the people entering the Mosque.

 Outdoor Mask Requirement will be Lifted

Saudi Arabia will lift outdoor mask mandates but will still require wearing face coverings indoors. The decision easing social distancing requirements will allow commercial outlets to operate to their full capacity, while restaurants can fill up.

Weddings gatherings will be also allowed for any number of persons, while affirming the importance of abidance by the precautionary measures.

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