Saudi Tourist Visa

Saudi Arabia Tourist visa opening in September 2019

Saudi Vision 2030

The Saudi Vision 2030 is established based on three themes:

  1. An exciting or vibrant society.
  2. A flourishing and prosperous economy.
  3. A determined and ambitious nation in the world.

The Saudi Vision 2030 is now taking new shape and slowly and steadily bringing the Arab nation into the 21st century. Saudi Vision 2030 has several other goals as well, however, one of the principal objectives is the reduction of the country’s dependence on oil revenues and to diversify the country’s economy.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been actively following up for its goal and objectives set in the name of Saudi Vision 2030. The Government of Saudi Arabia has been quite successful up till now in achieving its desired goals. All such motives and directions are taken to boost the overall economy along with ensuring the prosperity and well-being of the citizens and the residents of the country.

Saudi Arabia getting very close to start issuing 1st ever Tourist visa

We all know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been taking quite excellent decision in terms of its internal and external policies. It has been directing all its efforts in making the Kingdom more and more attractive for the foreigners to visit the historical places and related cities of the country. Read more: Female Tourist Above 25 Yrs of Age Can Now Travel to Saudi Arabia Alone

The news is still not public through official sources but it is widely believed that the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage is very much near to finalize the decision of opening the Saudi tourist visa for the rest of the world. Remember, this tourist visa will be in addition to the following kinds of visa which the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been offering for many years:

  1. Hajj Visa.
  2. Umrah Visa.
  3. Business Visit Visa.
  4. Family Visit Visa.
  5. Work Visa.
  6. Commercial Visit Visa.

The tourist visa will entice those who wish to visit different adventurous places of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the spokesperson for the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage that discussions are still “underway,” and no final decision had been made. Read more: SCTH Announces Saudi Tourist Guides to Speak 11 Languages

When is the expected date of opening the Saudi Tourist visa?

According to the news being circulated unofficially, it is greatly believed that the Saudi tourist visa will be issued by the authorities online and the expected date of opening the tourist visa is September 27, 2019. Read more: Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Visit in 2019

What will be the cost of a Saudi Tourist Visa & will be available for how many countries?

According to the unconfirmed news prevailing in the surroundings, the cost of the Tourist visa will be $117, however, it will be around SR. 440 in the Saudi Arabian currency. Read more: Saudi Arabia to Offer Visa-Free Access to Overseas Visitors

Visas will be available for citizens of 51 countries for $118 (440 Saudi riyals), a fee inclusive of mandatory health insurance for visitors. Tourists can apply for the 90-day visas online or upon arrival, the newspaper reported.

It is expected that the Tourist visa which is potentially being opened at the end of September 2019 will be available to the people from almost 50 countries which is quite exciting and great news. Read more: Procedure to Apply for Free Tourist Visa of Qatar from Pakistan

Why it took so long to the authorities to open the Tourist Visa?

One reason it’s taken so long for the kingdom to allow tourists is the tension between opening up and maintaining conservative traditions. Officials have promised for years to make it easier to visit, saying repeatedly that tourist visas were around the corner.

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Source: Al-Arabiya

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