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Saudi Arabia & UAE Announces to Begin Renewal of Work Visa

Saudi Work Visa

Most of the Pakistani workers work in the Saudi Arabia and the UAE. For this they have to make work visa first. But due to this Corona Pandemic, the work visa renewal for Saudi Arabia and UAE stopped.

Now, after the seven (7) months of Corona pandemic, the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have begun renewing work visas for workers coming from Pakistan who apply for work before Corona. For this, passengers must take the corona test before the application of renewing their work visas! For detailed information, read the complete news below:

Saudi Arabia & UAE Visa Issuance has Started

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have begun renewing work visas for expatriate workers coming from Pakistan before Corona. The UAE has started issuing visits while Bahrain has also started issuing new work visas.

According to officials,

Pakistani workers who traveled to Pakistan before Corona and could not return due to travel restrictions, their work visas expired and they could not return to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates.

Work Visas are being Renewed

According to officials, services are being provided in all directorate offices across the country for visa renewal and their protectors.

 According to officials,

All regional offices have the capacity to issue protection to about a thousand people on a per-leave basis, but these days the number of people coming to the offices for services is low.

As people become aware that work visas are being renewed, they have started coming.

Pakistani Saudi Expats must take the Corona Test before Traveling!

The representative from Overseas Employment Pakistan:

People whose work visas have expired are being renewed. The Embassies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Pakistan have also become fully operational.

“There are new job opportunities in Saudi Arabia right now,” he said. We are able to offer jobs to Pakistani workers, but we are waiting for permission from the Saudi government to issue visas.

According to UAE officials in Pakistan,

The embassy does not look into the issue of work visas, but with regard to workers in the UAE, the authorities are renewing these visas in the system.

Most Pakistani Workers work in Saudi Arabia and the UAE!

The UAE has started issuing visit visas to Pakistani tourists and businessmen, officials said.

Travel Agents have also been Notified!

Travel agent Shafqat Ali told that,

The issuance of visit visas to the UAE has started. The Corona test will be required after the visitor’s visa has been issued and 72 hours before departure. Only those with a negative corona test will be able to travel to the UAE.

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