Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Authorities Announces to Limit Friday Prayer at Mosques to 15 Minutes Only

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is the new talk of the town. With more than 70 countries affected and thousands of lives gone, essential steps must be taken for its precaution and prevention. The states have officially banned traveling to and fro from the affected countries to avoid any corona-virus affected case in their country. Similarly, the N-95 masks are available in every shop and market with necessary precaution guidelines on the internet to mark people safe from this deadly disease.

Recently, Saudi Arabia took a significant step and restricted any pilgrimage in Makkah and Madinah to avoid gathering and chances of corona-virus. The country is trying its level best to have no case of corona-virus. Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Islamic affairs have issued a new statement to avoid the gathering of people as a precautionary measure of corona-virus. What is the statement about? How can the gathering be avoided? Please read the article below to know how the kingdom is keen in assisting its citizens

Friday Prayer Time to be Reduced to Avoid Chances of Corona-virus

The Minister of Islamic Affairs and Invitation Dr. Abdul Latif al-Shaykh has issued a statement to guard people against Corona-virus by reducing the Sermon on Friday and to shorten the prayer period. A statement issued by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs said that,

The interval between prayer and shelter should be reduced to 15 minutes, keeping in mind the health of the people.

How Much Time is Reduced Between Prayer and Sermon on Friday?

According to the local newspaper, as per the directive of The Minister of Islamic Affairs regarding Friday and Friday sermons, all the mosques in Saudi Arabia should reduce the sermon and Friday prayers to 15 minutes.

What Directive is Given for Opening Fasts in Mosques?

In Saudi Arabia, fasting is usually done on Mondays and Thursdays. In this regard, Mosques provide meal for opening the fast of fasting people. The Islamic Affairs Ministry has issued instructions regarding the fasting of the fasters ordering that it should be closed until situation gets better. The Ministry further advised the Mosque caretakers to remove water glasses in the mosques immediately.

UAE has Taken a Similar Step Already

Last Friday, United Arab Emirates took this great initiative and reduced the duration of prayers and sermons to 10 minutes. The purpose of reducing the duration of prayer and sermons is to take precautionary measures to prevent the corona virus in order to protect people from the disease.

These steps are taken to prevent the public from getting infected from the deadly virus. The government is trying their best it is time that the public itself take cares of their health and avoid gathering and unhealthy practices. We pray that nobody gets infected by the deadly disease. Subscribe us for daily updates.

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