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Saudi authorities arrested 2 Saudi men for kissing in public

Homosexuality is a concern of the people around the world. Where the majority states have declared rights for homosexuals to live and roam freely expressing love as their due legal right some other countries are still found showing reservations.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have not only declared homosexuality illegal but impose even death charges on people performing homosexuality. Read below about the recent case scenario of homosexuals kissing each other in public.

What is the new homosexual act performed in public?

According to the Sabq new site, a video went viral on Twitter showing two Saudi men standing out of a rooftop kissing each other. Other people were seen appreciating the act and were cheering them up.

When the incident did take place?

The recent incident takes place on Monday on a Riyadh highway where homosexual men were found at the open area of a moving truck.

How did people react to this incident?

The people were furious watching the video as it went viral on Twitter. A hashtag started against these homosexuals, where the homophobes demanded strict action to be taken against them for being engaged in what they called as shameful behavior. Some online users even went as far as saying that

“Gays must be punished by being thrown off the roofs of buildings.”

Did the authorities take any action?

Yes, keeping in that homosexuality is illegal in the kingdom, the authorities took stringent action and arrested them. However, details on where they are being jailed or what charges they are being faced with have not been shared with the public.

Did hate end after the arrest?

Even after the two men were arrested, the people continued pouring hatred towards homosexuals.  It is nothing new keeping that Saudi Arabia is so strict against homosexuals that it declares the punishment of death for them.

Is filming gay scenes illegal in Saudi Arabia?

Not only the kingdom is strict for homosexuals to live in but last year, a number of people were arrested after the video went viral showing them filming for a scene of a gay wedding. The police detained them and the case was referred to public prosecution however no further updates were made public.

زواج مثليين في مكه بس المظله والبخاخات حريقه

— Nawaf كود نون “IRK” (@nafxil2) January 3, 2018

Why Pakistani girls were killed in Saudi Arabia?

In 2017, two Pakistani transgender was killed in a horrible murder as per the reports of Human right activists. The independent wrote,

“Police allegedly killed 35-year-old Amna, and Meeno, 26, both Pakistanis, after raiding a house in Saudi Arabia and arresting 35 transgender people,”

Do other countries are stringent against homosexuals?

Different countries in the Gulf region including Egypt and Jordan also impose strict rules and zero-tolerance policies against homosexuality. Anyone who goes against these rules, faces fines, deportations, jail sentences, and, in some cases, death sentences. 

What was the LGBTIQ+ incident?

Recently, Egypt made headlines for severe crackdowns on its LGBTIQ+ community. In 2017, seven people were arrested in Egypt for raising the rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert. It was a Lebanese band whose lead singer Hamed Sinno was openly gay. Egyptian authorities also banned the music group from performing again in the country.

What is North-Africa’s stand on homosexuality?

Homosexuality isn’t illegal in the North African country however, authorities still arrest and jail people suspected of being gay using decades-old prostitution and debauchery laws.

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Source: Sabq

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